The Use of Graphic Images


Priests for Life


Graphic Images and Post-Abortion Healing - Dr. Theresa Burke and Kevin Burke

Visual Learning and the Culture of Life - By Dr. Alveda King

Why Graphic Images Need to Be Displayed - Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D.

Photos in the dynamics of social reform

The Strategic Use of Graphic Images

Graphic Images and the Death Penalty

Creative Tension and the Visual Dramatization of Injustice in the Civil Rights Movement

Should We Use Graphic Images?

A dialogue about the use of graphics (Pdf file; requires Acrobat Reader)

A Theological basis for using graphic images

Former abortion providers witness to the power of seeing an abortion

What Does Abortion Look Like?

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Reflection by Jill Stanek, RN

A Response to those who Disagree

Responses from our Viewers

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