Vandalism Destroys Prolife Billboard


Anita Sonntag

  At 3am on Sunday, August 11, 2013, The Maymont Fire department was called to a fire near their town. A large prolife billboard was on fire and before it could be extinguished, ½ of the 10ft x 40ft billboard – message and structure - was destroyed. Arson is suspected and the police are investigating.

The billboard is located alongside Highway #16 near the village of Maymont and is owned by David Sidloski of Saskatoon. David’s father, John Sidloski of Weyburn, owns and operates a billboard business and as part of his work he has put up many billboards with a prolife message in various Saskatchewan locations. This particular billboard was put up in October, 2012 and had a message for people suffering from the aftereffects of abortion giving them contact information for Silent No More Awareness.

SNMA had been promised a billboard for a couple of years before it came to pass, so I was really thrilled when David called last summer and asked me what I wanted the message to say. When I learnt that it had been vandalized by fire my first reaction was unbelief. Then when I saw a picture of the destruction I experienced a strong sense of sadness and loss. The good news is that Mr. Sidloski plans to put this same billboard up again but in a different location.  
See the before and after pictures: click here