Priests for Life adds Texting to Ways to Keep Pro-lifers Informed


Priests for Life

Receive pro-life updates by texting Life1 to 69302

Priests for Life is always looking for new ways to stay connected with you, our family of pro-life activists, and to inform you of developments and action items in the pro-life movement.

Our latest tool is a texting service by which, if you text Life1 to 69302, you will be able to receive important updates via text. These will not be frequent at all, but only in the cases of the most important updates. For instance, by signing up for these texts, you will
  • Be the first to know of judgments the courts issue in our case for religious liberty against the HHS mandate;
  • Be informed of confidential news we receive from inside the abortion industry about killing centers being closed;
  • Receive links to important announcements from the Vatican regarding the cause of life;
  • Be informed of key, simple steps you can take when immediate action is required in the battle for life.
We will only text you on rare and truly important occasions. The normal flow of information comes through our email updates and social networking. So don’t worry about being bombarded. And, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

But when there are texts that we send you, you will not want to miss out on them. So sign up today by texting Life1 to 69302, and thank you for your pro-life commitment!