Fr. Pavone Hails Announcement that Trump Administration Is Rewriting HHS Mandate


Priests for Life


NEW YORK – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today hailed the news that the Trump administration is taking formal steps to rewrite the HHS mandate.

“From the beginning of his term, we at Priests for Life have been very pleased with the President's commitment to religious freedom. As petitioners in the legal challenge to this mandate, we've been part of the discussions with the Administration about changing the regulations. Our gratitude to the President and his Administration continues to grow,” said Fr. Pavone.  “Five years of needless legal battles to defend against the Obama administration’s encroachment on religious liberty are finally coming to an end.”

Priests for Life has issued an action alert today to hundreds of thousands of supporters, asking them to call the White House to thank President Trump for fulfilling his promise to protect religious freedom.

In 2012, Priests for Life brought the fourth of over 50 lawsuits against the Obama administration’s rule that said religious non-profit groups had to help provide abortion causing drugs and devices to their employees regardless of their faith based objections.  Earlier this month, President Trump, in a Rose Garden ceremony attended by Priests for Life’s Alveda King, signed an executive order that directed three cabinet departments to address religious groups’ conscientious objections to the HHS mandate.  The Office of Management and Budget has now announced that it is reviewing a new version of the rule.

“The Obama administration admitted in court documents that it never needed to force religious groups to violate their faiths in order to achieve its agenda, but it attempted to punish us anyway,” added Fr. Pavone.  “It’s refreshing that we finally have an administration that respects, rather than attacks, religious belief.”

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