Fr. Pavone Applauds Ohio Senate for Approving Anti-Dismemberment Bill


Priests for Life


Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today praised the Ohio Senate for overwhelmingly passing a bill to protect unborn babies from dismemberment abortions.

“The Ohio Senate has taken action to stop what is nothing less than the brutal torture of babies in the womb,” said Fr. Pavone.  “There is no way for the abortion lobby to sugar coat dismemberment abortion – ripping the arms, legs, and head from a living person’s body is unspeakably cruel and sadistic.  No civilized society should tolerate it.”

Ohio’s State Senate voted 24 to 9 to approve and send to the State House S.B. 145, a bill that would stop abortions where cutting and grasping tools are used to dismember unborn babies, after which the children’s severed body parts are removed, piece by piece, from their mothers.  The House is expected to consider the bill in the fall when the Ohio legislature returns from its summer recess.

“The abortion lobby hates bills like Ohio’s anti-dismemberment legislation because such measures expose what abortion really is,” added Fr. Pavone.  “Abortion is not health care.  It’s barbarism.  And the sooner America hears or sees what abortion entails, the sooner America will reject it.”

Priests for Life is making a major priority out of promoting these protective laws across the nation, and challenging candidates for public office both on the state and federal levels to state clearly their position as to whether the law should allow babies to be dismembered.  Fr. Pavone concluded, “All Ohio residents, before casting a vote, should know where candidates stand on this fundamental question.”