Father Pavone and Priests for Life launch Prayer Campaign for Charlie Gard


Priests for Life


NEW YORK -- As people around the world pray for a sick British baby whose fate rests in the hands of hospital administrators, Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, has launched a worldwide prayer campaign for the baby and for all those children “Whose lives may hang in the balance.”

In the prayer he wrote for this occasion, Father Pavone says: We pray for Charlie Gard and his family/You have created him/And despite his serious illness/You continue to shower him with your love./Protect his life/And enable us to give him the care he needs./Defend his family,/And their right to care for him/In the way they see fit.”

A form at the website PrayerCampaign.org enables everyone who is praying for the baby to express their thoughts to his parents. Father Pavone will use these comments not only to bring encouragement to the family but to bring to the attention of the authorities how widespread the concern is for this child.

“This case is a cause for increased alarm,” Father Pavone said in a Facebook Live post this morning. “A dangerous philosophy is rearing its ugly head,” when a court can decide what’s in the best interest of a child and overrule the child’s own caring and capable parents.

“I want to help make your voices heard,” Fr. Frank said.

Fr. Pavone has dealt with these kinds of cases before, having been the priest who in 2011 brought Baby Joseph from Canada to the USA to get treatment that he was being denied, and likewise who in 2005 was by the bedside of Terri Schiavo as she was dying of court-ordered dehydration.