Fr. Pavone welcomes news that US doctor will examine Charlie Gard


Priests for Life


NEW YORK -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today regarding the positive development in the Charlie Gard case.

“News that an American doctor with experience in treating Charlie’s disease will travel to the U.K. to examine him is certainly welcome,” he said. “Ultimately, decision about further treatment should be made by Charlie’s parents in consultation with the doctors they choose, and not by any court.”

Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University in Manhattan has treated other children suffering from the extremely rare condition that Charlie suffers, and he testified in court today in Great Britain that he thinks there’s a 10 percent chance that Charlie’s condition could improve.

“Where there’s life, there’s hope,” Father Pavone said, “and we will continue praying for Charlie and his parents.”

Priests for Life launched an international prayer campaign a week ago today. Anyone who would like to take part is urged to sign up at

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