Prayer of Repentance, Forgiveness and Revival


Evangelist Alveda King


The Call
Washington, DC

Dear Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, by the power of Your Holy Spirit as your children, reminding you of your faithfulness and your promises, for such a time as this; we come laying down our crowns and our carnal weapons as Esther and Deborah did before us; we come seeking your mercy and grace Lord. If it pleases you our KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS, Dearest ABBA, even as Mary The Mother of Jesus prayed, be it unto us, according to your will. ABBA, where we are weak, you are strong. Forgive us, cleanse us now and heal us, heal our land Lord. Heal our wombs Adonai. Heal our minds and hearts ABBA. Bring us back to you. Lord we come; thanking you for your love, mercy and grace; asking that Your mercy temper the judgment we surely deserve. We pray in deep and sincere repentance asking for Your forgiveness of our sins. Where we should be living together as brothers and sisters, we as a nation have rejected Your truth of the Acts 17:26 One Blood/One Human Race and embraced the sinful  lie of racial division leading to the sin and injustice of racism. We have allowed and humanly legalized the slaughter of our weakest in the womb; often looking the other way in the tidal wave of abortion and the consequential culture of death. We ask you now to annul this detestable culture of rage, selfishness and death and to fan the flames of revival now and break the curse of murder; end abortion ABBA. We have abandoned and slaughtered the babies, the poor, the elderly, the sick and infirm in the name of reproductive rights and social justice. We have embraced inhumanity to humankind in the name of humanism; and have aborted our future on the altars of abortion and eugenics. Lord, we have worshipped idols, selfishly seeking fame and fortune all in the name of self; and now we are reaping the bitter grapes of wrath. Oh ABBA, in the Name of Jesus, forgive us. Fan the flames of revival. Today we pray for our leaders as well as ourselves, that we will abandon evil and walk in Your ways; accepting the wisdom and Godly counsel of Your Word. Breathe Dear Lord on The White House, The State House, The School House, The Bank House, The Sick House, The Poor House, The Jail House, The Drug House, The Whore House, The Orphan House, The Widow's House, The Church House, The World House, The Womb House, My House; Oh Lord touch every house, every heart. Give sight to the blind and set the captives free. Bless our President, First Lady and family and all within our nation and around the world. Let Your righteousness roll down as waters and Your justice as a mighty stream. Help us to love You, each other and ourselves. To You, THE HOLY ONE, THE ONLY ONE WHO Saves and Sanctifies, For the sake of and in the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.