Fr. Frank Pavone Criticizes Overturning of Indiana Provisions Against Trafficking of Aborted Baby Body Parts


Priests for Life

TITUSVILLE, FL -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today criticized a federal judge’s ruling striking down portions of Indiana’s law against the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts.
“Unfortunately, the Obama-appointed judiciary has struck again, overturning sections of an Indiana law to stop the trafficking of aborted babies’ remains,” said Fr. Pavone.  “Once again, justice has been turned on its head.”
Federal Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson ruled that parts of Indiana’s law against trafficking in aborted babies’ bodies were unconstitutionally vague.  She held that under the statute, “a person of ordinary intelligence” could not determine what constitutes the transferring, acquiring, or receiving of fetal tissue. 
Fr. Pavone responded, “Actually, the only reason for vagueness here is the fact that a Democrat-appointed judge is trying to understand it. The Democratic Party has gone off the rails in its worldview and its judges. Neither their positions nor judgments can be trusted. It’s time for all of us to pick up the slack by spreading the truth about the sale of baby parts, working with our legislators to pass more and more pro-life laws, and taking our convictions to the voting booth.”
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