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Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Cycle C

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General Intercessions: [English PDF]


As we present our many needs to God, let us ask first of all for the gift of Wisdom, and let us trust in his power to answer all our prayers.


That by word and example, Church leaders may inspire the faithful to bear their crosses each day with patience and fidelity to the Gospel, we pray to the Lord….

That all who have repented of the sin of abortion may be given the grace to forgive those who pressured them or failed to help them, we pray to the Lord…

That those who are making important career choices may plan with wisdom, foresight, and trust in God’s providence, we pray to the Lord…

That all who are preparing for marriage may take the time and effort needed to know each other well and to respond generously to God’s call to raise a family, we pray to the Lord…

That those who are ill may experience God’s healing and the presence and care of their families and friends, we pray to the Lord…

That all who have died may be welcomed into the eternal life Christ has prepared for us, we pray to the Lord…


In your Providence, you know all our needs,
Yet you want us to worship you
As the one in whom those needs are met.
Hear our prayers,
And give us joy and peace in your presence.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Bulletin Insert:
  Dr. Tony Levatino used to be an abortionist. Yet as he took the lives of unborn children day after day, he was saddened that he and his wife could not conceive one of their own, and he did not miss the irony. Finally, he adopted a daughter. Yet some years later, this little girl was hit by a car in front of her house, and died. It was not long after this tragedy that Dr. Levatino stopped doing abortions. Now he is a strong pro-life advocate and speaks out boldly about the horror of abortion. Find out more about his story and other former abortionists at  
Homily Suggestions:

Wis 9:13-18b
Phlm 9-10, 12-17
Lk 14:25-33

Watch a video with homily suggestions

“Hating…even his own life.” This is a strongly-worded condition of discipleship laid out in today’s Gospel passage. It takes aim at the arrogance to which the original sin has left us so inclined. It is the idea that was presented to our first parents. “You will be like gods,” the serpent said to them in the Garden of Eden. This original temptation was a promise that what was right and what was wrong would be up to us; that we could write our own moral law. That’s what the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” meant, and why Adam and Eve couldn’t eat from it. We are all called to know good from evil, but not to decide it. To think we decide it is the error of the “pro-choice” mindset. “It’s all up to me and my choice, even if it means killing a baby.” This way of thinking, of course, leads to total chaos. On what basis do we tell people not to kill each other or steal from each other unless there are standards of right and wrong that apply to everyone no matter what they believe?

The temptation to abort is often couched in reasons and language that seem to invoke the Gospel’s advice to count the cost before building a tower or marching with an army. Yet prudence does not give license to kill in order to get ourselves out of undesirable consequences of past actions. Prudence, instead, calls us to evaluate those consequences before we act, and in this sense, the Gospel’s lesson is a call to chastity, and not to engage in sexual relations until we are ready to welcome a child in the context of marriage. 

Moreover, the Gospel is a call to calculate the cost of that renunciation of our own understanding, which the first reading also reflects. “Unsure are our plans.” When a child in the womb seems to throw life’s plans out of control, today’s message of total trust in the God who knows more than we do is a life-saving message indeed.

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