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God Will Overcome

Each year we pray for an end to the terrible massacre of little babies in their mothers wombs ... as we beg the Lord of all life to give us strength and confidence to continue the struggle against the culture of death.

"Some have given up the struggle. I understand their frustration, but I do not agree with it. The pro-life movement has had its victories too.

"Time after time we have won in the halls of our legislatures only to have that victory snatched from us by the ruling of a court…How key to this ultimate resolution are the courts!

"We must really pray that those who interpret the laws in the light of our Constitution will find once again a way to protect those values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on which our nation was built from its very beginning.

"The anti-life forces have opened up a second front in this battle -- the old, the sick, the people with mental illness, under the banner of euthanasia and mercy killing."

"Remaining always within the restraints of the law, we can never stand by idly while an innocent person is being killed.

"Don't give up your pro-life work and prayers. Don't lose heart at temporary setbacks. This is truly God's work and he is the master of all life. The day is coming when he will overcome."

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