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Do you consider it a priority to give of your time and energy to protect the unborn from abortion?  Do you also see pro-life activity as part of your identity as a disciple of Christ? If so, join the Missionaries of the Gospel
of Life

This training in pro-life spirituality is a program of Priests for Life, as developed by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director.

Priests for Life trains clergy as well as laity (men and women, single and married) in this pro-life spirituality.

Use the resources on this website to learn more about the activities and spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life!

The Vision of Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

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MEV Monthly Newsletter

August 2016

Dear Missionaries of the Gospel of Life,

I am accepting oversight of the MEVs and I would like to make myself available to give “days (or weekends) of reflection” to any MEV or group of MEVs who so desire and are willing to organize such an event. These days of reflection could be on a parish, city, or regional basis. The purpose of providing this opportunity for the MEVs is twofold…

1. To provide spiritual direction and growth to current MEVs.
2. To interest others to join the MEV spirituality.

The format of such an event could take any number of forms and could be flexible to fit particular needs in terms of group size and location. Some suggestions for “reflection” options would be.

1. Friday night and all day Saturday with evening Mass.
2. Saturday only with evening Mass.
3. Preaching weekend Masses in your parish with a Sunday afternoon / evening reflection. (with this suggestion, we could invite parishioners of the parish and surrounding parishes to the Sunday afternoon reflection.)
4. A combination of the above, again with the 2 goals expressed earlier in my letter.

I understand some MEVs are geographically isolated, with few or no other MEVs in their area. This would be an opportunity to bring others interested in the Gospel of Life into a group setting.

I am open to any ideas and suggestions. If any of you are interested in organizing something like this or would like to discuss this opportunity further, get in touch with the Travel Dept. (718-980-4400 x 128) and I will be in touch.

Thank you. May Jesus bless you and I look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Fr Stephen Imbarrato