September 19, 2008

Dear Lay Missionary of the Gospel of Life:

On behalf of Fr. Frank Pavone, I want to tell you how pleased we are that you have registered, and are in Formation, as a Missionary of the Gospel of Life!

Your participation in this Association means a great deal to us. We look forward to deepening our community with you and preparing you for the making of your Promises.

Please review the documents attached. The MEV brochure will give you a good overview of our Association and the Manual will relate greater detail. You should thoroughly and periodically review the MEV website: and my Letters link:

As Missionaries of the Gospel of Life there are particular prayers and reflections that unite us. Among these are our daily Missionary Prayer to End Abortion and the daily M.E.V. Prayer of Consecration. Both prayers are printed on one prayer card.

The First Friday of every month is the day we unite in the discipline of the Pro-Life Examination of Conscience. You may use the Examination found at and may order copies of the "In the Palm of His Hands" booklet which contains the Examination and other devotions.

You can find the above mentioned materials and all other MEV items at:

Every Catholic is called to be a missionary of the Gospel of Life and is sent by God to
Evangelize the world (Living the Gospel of Life). I look forward to fulfilling this mission with you.

In the Victory of Christ and the Gospel of Life!

Jim Pinto, Jr.
Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life
Coordinator, Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Lay Association