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October 3, 2008

Dear Missionaries of the Gospel of Life,

Jim Pinto, National Coordinator of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, has asked me to share with you some reflections and opportunities this month.

It seems so long since our National Teleconference in August! I just want to tell you that you are ALL in my heart & thoughts every day and that I remember you in prayer throughout the day!

Several of you are in leadership roles for the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE Campaigns in some of the 179 cities in 47 states (I wish we knew how many of you are involved in organizing these campaigns!).

Many of you are praying & fasting in union with all the THOUSANDS of people who are participating in all aspects of the 40 Days for Life. These are such powerful expressions of the M.E.V. Disciplines of Prayer, Community, and Apostolic Witness! Continue to press on!

We hope that, if you have not remembered to join in the powerful 40 Days for Life prayer campaign, that you will begin TODAY and continue through 2 November!

40 days of prayer & fasting
40 days of peaceful vigil at abortion sites
40 days of community outreach

Visit www.40daysforlife.com/location.cfm for information about local campaigns near you.

If it is truly not possible for you to stand in vigil at an abortion business, then please pray & fast with great fervor for ALL the campaigns in the USA, and in Canada and Samoa!

October 6 (Monday) is PRO-LIFE MEMORIAL DAY. Wear a pro-life T-shirt! There will be thousands of people in DC from 5-11 October with Rev. Patrick Mahoney for the DC Awakening, a time of prayer for our nation. They will also participate in prayer with the American Life League group that is sponsoring Pro-Life Memorial Day, by praying at the Supreme Court on Monday the 6th.

The International Week of Prayer & Fasting will be held 5-12 October ( www.iwopf.org ).

Also, on Saturday, 11 October, from 12 noon - 2pm (your own time zone), there will be close to 3500 PUBLIC SQUARE ROSARY RALLIES waving across this nation to pray in reparation for our nation's public sins!! For more information, visit www.AmericaNeedsFatima.org.

On Saturday, 18 October, at 9 am in your own time zone, another group is calling on every person to pray the Rosary for Unborn Babies. "It is hoped that the earth will be circled with multiple waves of Rosaries within a 24-hour time period." ( www.saintmichaelthearchangelorganization.org/english.php )

Throughout October, there are LIFE CHAINS taking place all across this continent! Visit www.lifechain.net for a list of locations in your area.

This is a critical time in our nation!

Hurricanes have devastated Louisiana & Texas, and the Northeast coast. Terrible floods have caused much misery in the Midwest. The economy, while unraveling for many years, is reaching a very serious crisis level. The Presidential election is bearing down, with many people still thinking only of their own wants and desires, and not about what is best for the future of our nation. And 3000-4000 babies continue to be killed by abortion each day, every day.

We are all far too busy; but the evil one tries to keep us too busy to pray effectively.

We simply CANNOT AFFORD to be "that" busy!!

Our first responsibility is to God and to our family. Please! let's all try to MAKE TIME in our busy schedules to add weekday Mass times, to add an extra daily Rosary, to show added kindness to family, friends, and strangers that we meet each day.

We don't know what overall effect the 40 Days for Life and these other prayer campaigns will have on the Soul of our Nation. We don't know how Election Day will play out.

We DO know that God is CALLING EACH OF US to do and be everything He expects of us.

Let's be the best adopted children we can be, for His Honor and Glory, and for their lives!

Sue Turner, M.E.V.
Project Coordinator for Jim Pinto