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October 22, 2008

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

I hope you are well and praying for all the M.E.V., for our nation, and for the upcoming elections.

I also want to encourage you to participate in Fr. Frank Pavone's TELECONFERENCE which will be Monday, 27 October, 9-10pm Eastern Time. As members of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life we want to receive and implement all of the wise guidance our Founder has for us. You can register for the teleconference at www.priestsforlife.org/conferencecall/index.aspx .

Many of you are already participating in the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE. Please let us know how your local campaign is going!

For those who have not had an opportunity to get involved, please visit www.priestsforlife.org/40days and www.40daysforlife.com.

Many of you have been in Formation for the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life for many months. We are looking forward to the time when you will make your Promises to commit yourself to the service of LIFE!

Please read over the Promises here www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/laypromises.htm

You might want to consider making your Promises in December -- the time we remember the Birth of Jesus, and the Holy Innocents (28 December), or in January -- the time we remember the 1973 US Supreme Court decisions (Roe v. Wade & Doe v Bolton) which legalized abortion on demand throughout the entire nation.

By setting a month, we can begin to move forward on this important moment in your life, when you will become fully united in this powerful Association of the Faithful!

Be sure to register and post comments at our community site http://pfl-mev.org/default.aspx .


Jim Pinto, Jr. M.E.V.
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
National Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Associates
E-mail: Missionary@priestsforlife.org