January 19, 2009

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

The time is near for the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States and a variety of memorial observances for the 36th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. Wherever the next few days find us as these momentous events occur, I trust that we will be united in earnest and faith-filled prayer.

During our annual March for Life here in Birmingham, Alabama, our diocesan bishop, Robert J. Baker, prayed a prayer with participants that I hope you and many others in our nation will pray:

A Pro-Life Prayer for Our President-Elect and Public Officials

Lord, God, Author of Life and Source of Eternal Life, move the hearts of all public officials and especially our President, to fulfill their responsibilities worthily and well to all those entrusted to their care.

Help them in their special leadership roles, to extend the mantle of protection to the most vulnerable, especially the defenseless unborn, whose lives are threatened with extermination by an indifferent society.

Guide all public officials by your wisdom and grace to cease supporting any law that fails to protect the fundamental good that is human life itself, which is a gift from God and parents.

You are the Protector and Defender of the lives of the innocent unborn. Change the hearts of those who compromise the call to protect and defend life. Bring our nation to the values that have made us a great nation, a society that upholds the value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Mary, the Mother of the living, help us to bear witness to the Gospel of Life with our lives and our laws, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Imprimatur: November 14, 2008 + Most Reverend Robert J. Baker
Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama

I invite you to join me and my beloved wife Joy, as we appear on Life on the Rock with host Doug Barry on EWTN, Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 8pm ET. Be part of the live show by calling 1.800.221.9460 or email rock@ewtn.com. This show will replay on Friday, January 23 at 1am and 1pm and Sunday, January 25 at 11pm. For more information or to watch online see www.ewtn.com/rock/index.asp.

You may find a full listing of Priests for Life/Pro-Life Activities in Response to 36 years of Roe vs. Wade at www.priestsforlife.org/roe/index.htm.

I am united with you in prayer and spirit as we move forward as a People of Life who will build a new Culture of Life!

Jim Pinto, Jr. M.E.V.
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
National Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Associates
E-mail: Missionary@priestsforlife.org

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