February 16, 2009

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

May this letter find you experiencing sweet fellowship with Him and His Body, the Church!

“We, who work tirelessly for the inclusion of the unborn into the family of the born, must not exclude ourselves from active participation in the gathering of His body. We must not say either in word or deed, ‘I have no need of you’ (1Cor.12.20). Let us joyfully assemble together in His name, whether for the great Liturgy of the Mass or for small group teaching and sharing. Let us assemble in His name with confidence, for Jesus promised: ‘For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.’” (Jim Pinto, Life Cells)

Our MEV Leadership Team needs your assistance in gathering information about Life Cells our missionaries are participating in or would like to establish. We ask that you please respond today Missionary@priestsforlife.org to these following questions:

▪If you are a LIFE CELL LEADER, please let us know approximately how many are attending your Life Cell, what format you are using & what you are studying, how often you meet, your city & parish community, where you meet, the approximate date your Life Cell originated, and if you have not yet made your Promises, when you hope to do so.  In the Subject Line of your email message, please indicate 'Life Cell Leader'.

▪If you are ATTENDING A LIFE CELL on a regular basis, please let us know who the Leader is, and as much of the above information as relates. In the Subject Line of your email, please indicate 'Life Cell Member'. 

▪If you would like to PARTICIPATE IN A LIFE CELL, please let us know where you live and your parish, and indicate in the Subject Line of your email 'Wish to Participate in a Life Cell'. 

▪If you would like to ORGANIZE A LIFE CELL, please indicate your city and parish, and if you have not yet made your Promises, when you hope to do so; in the Subject Line of your email, please type 'Wish to Organize a Life Cell'.

I look forward to your response regarding current Life Cells and the development of new ones. Our Leadership Team stands ready to assist you in this important area and I am desirous to come to your location site to strengthen existing Life Cells and to establish new ones. Please let us hear from you, today.

Do you have your manual, brochures, Evangelium Vitae Study Guide and other necessary materials?  Please check www.priestsforlife.org/store/c-47-missionaries-of-the-gospel-of-life.aspx for a complete list.

Our daily prayers and ministry of the Gospel of Life unite us,

Jim Pinto, Jr. M.E.V.
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
National Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Associates
E-mail: Missionary@priestsforlife.org

Have you made your MEV Promises? http://www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/08-12-29eletter.htm

Have you registered for the MEV-Community Site? www.pfl-mev.org/user/CreateUser.aspx 

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