August 24, 2009

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life:

I am happy to announce to you our INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARIES OF THE GOSPEL OF LIFE TELECONFERENCE / WEBCAST on Thursday, 10 September 2009!

We need to get your input!

Please sign up for the 10 September conference call NOW at so we will have a good idea of how many of you will be joining us!

We are asking you to join us for this important phone call or participate with us via your computer -- on Thursday night, 10 September, from 9 to 10 PM Eastern Time. You can listen on your computer (and follow along on key documents in our website), or you can just listen on the phone.

Here is the key information you will need please MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

EVENT: 2nd MEV International Life Cell Teleconference

DATE & TIME: Thursday, September 10th at 9:00pm Eastern (8PM Central, 7 PM Mtn, 6 PM Pacific)

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

We are striving to have MEV teleconferences quarterly; this Teleconference will come just before the 40 Days for Life National Campaign and in the midst of the Health Care debate. Many of you are in leadership positions in the 40 Days for Life, and this will provide a precious time of prayer and spiritual solidarity for this monumental event.

Please spread the word and let other pro-life people who you believe are interested in becoming Missionaries of the Gospel of Life across America know about this Teleconference / Webcast so they can join in on this important discussion!

Simply send them an email encouraging them to Register Twice. First, they need to complete the ON-LINE MEV REGISTRATION FORM to BEGIN their MEV YEAR OF DISCERNMENT & FORMATION at: (only sign up here one time!)

Then these newly registered MEV can sign up for the National Teleconference/Webcast at:

It will be a great encouragement to us to know that you will be on this International Life Cell Teleconference, and a great encouragement to your brothers and sisters in this movement from coast to coast, nation to nation!

Register NOW at

United with you in prayer and action for life,

Jim Pinto, Jr. M.E.V.
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
National Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Associates