September 28, 2009

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

Our association as Missionaries is very special, precious and one we must take time to nurture. Technologies are providing more ways for people to network and grow in their areas of interest. Priests for Life/MEV is making full use of these technologies and wants to be sure that all members are uniting through them:

International Life Cell Teleconference/Webcasting: MEV leadership is committed to regular MEV Teleconferences and Fr. Pavone has been a regular participant. Please make every effort to participate and if at all possible be on your computer to follow the teaching and links.

Father Frank delivered a special word to us during our September 10, 2009 International Life Cell Teleconference. If you were unable to make the conference, hear the replay of Father’s word and the general sharing during our International Life Cell, .

Facebook technology provides a wonderful avenue for the MEV to “travel on” and unite in our common purpose:

Ability to network via Facebook begins with your personally joining,

Login in to facebook and become a member of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Official Group by going to This group is for all professed Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and for those in formation. While this group is a closed group except for MEV, you may suggest the site to friends who may request group membership and receive instruction on how to join the MEV.

Login to facebook and become a Fan of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Facebook Page and receive ongoing updates about PFL/MEV by

I also ask that you suggest this site to your friends.

I look forward to meeting with you more frequently via the technologies mentioned above and better fulfilling our purpose to be Missionaries of the Gospel of Life who are sent by God to Evangelize this World!

Peace and every good thing,

Jim Pinto, M.E.V.
National Coordinator of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

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