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November 10, 2009

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

I pray this letter finds you firm in your faith in Christ's unfailing love for you, His Church and the world.

Lay Missionaries from three states made promises to "defend my brothers and sisters whose right to life is under direct attack, and to be, especially for the unborn, the voice they do not have." Fr. Frank Pavone, Founder and Director of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, received the professions of eleven lay Missionaries at the Chapel of the Eternal Word Television Network, Irondale Alabama, October 29, 2009.

Father Frank shared that we, the MEV, are "reminders" to the rest of the Church of what we all are by virtue of our Baptism -- missionaries of the Gospel of Life. He emphasized that we, the MEV, are not to be looked to as those people who have the pro-life aspect of ministry "covered", but as those who are examples to the entire Body of Christ to live out her missionary and evangelistic reality.

Numerous professed missionaries, friends and family gathered at EWTN in support of the eleven. It was an evening of deep reverence, outpouring of the Holy Spirit and celebration for the lives of those called by Christ to be witnesses before the church and world to the inviolable right to life of every human being from the moment of conception through natural death.

Please take a few moments to view some of the wonderful and moving images of the October 29th ceremony, www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/photogallery/trip-home.aspx?tripid=382.

Also, review some of the other precious ceremonies of the month and earlier times contained in our MEV Gallery, www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/photogallery/index.aspx.

Many professed have said that their MEV Promise Ceremony was a most blessed event in their lives!

Since April of this year, 29 others have also made their Lifetime Promises to God throughout the nation in individual or group Promise Ceremonies.

You will soon be hearing of scheduled opportunities throughout the country to gather for Promise Ceremonies.

These upcoming places and dates will give you adequate time to prepare to make your Promises or to gather in support of other MEV as they do.

On the "Witness" front, we continue to participate in the health care reform debate. Priests for Life offers ongoing updates and opportunities for you, our Missionaries, to be directly involved in supporting and defending every human person.

The following is the latest information from the PFL/MEV website. Health care legislative update --The House of Representatives voted 240-194 tonight to adopt the Stupak/Pitts amendment to HR 3962, the Pelosi health care bill...MORE...Passing Stupak-Pitts Amendment Does Not Solve Abortion Problem... www.priestsforlife.org/legislation/hudson-stupak-pitts.htm.

I thank God for you and the "reminder" you are to the whole Church that, every Christian is a missionary of the Gospel of Life and is sent by God to evangelize the world.

Jim Pinto, M.E.V.
National Coordinator of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

Have you made your MEV Promises? www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/08-12-29eletter.htm

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