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February 9, 2010

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,                                                                   

The momentum is with the Pro-life Movement and Life!  The January Marches/Walks for Life, both local and national, along with a changing political climate, renew our hope for progress in establishing the Culture of Life.

Father Frank has been “leading the charge” in mobilizing numerous pro-life organizations and people for the protection of the unborn as we near the November elections. The following are some ways that we as Missionaries of the Gospel of Life may support this effort.

Your one-stop information center for mobilizing Christ centered political action is,www.politicalresponsibility.com. Please be thoroughly familiar (go through all the links) and inform yourself and others in ways to serve. Father Frank has developed this site for people with missionary hearts like yours.


Listen to the replay of our January 25 "Vote Pro-Life" Teleseminar and take up Father’s call to political involvement for the sake of the least.  Register now at www.priestsforlife.org/conferencecall for Fr. Pavone’s second  "Vote Pro Life" teleconference on February 25, 2010 from 9-10pm ET and mobilize others to participate.

We have also established a special mobilization and networking site for Pro-life Organizations and Leaders, www.electionactivities.com.  This site is a wonderful resource to help their members prepare themselves and others for the elections.

All of this “running” with the Gospel of Life begins on our knees and flows from our Spiritual Disciplines and Spirituality. Let us continually review and practice our spirituality remembering our dependence upon the Author of Life.

Let us fulfill the Promises we made at our Promise Ceremonies and may those who have not yet professed, move forward (review the links below and feel free to contact us).

You are daily held in my heart and lifted up to Our Lord as we unite together in our daily Prayer of Consecration, Prayer to End Abortion and Rosary (with periodic fasting) for Life.

Assured of the Victory of The Gospel of Life!

Jim Pinto, M.E.V.
National Coordinator of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

Have you made your MEV Promises? www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/08-12-29eletter.htm   

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