May 3, 2010

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

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Pro-life Freedom Rides are launched with a Media Conference in historic Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, Alabama!

The dates of July 23-25 are set to mobilize thousands for Pro-life action. 

Hundreds gathered in Birmingham’s historic city’s Kelly Ingram Park April 27th as Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, and Dr. Alveda King, director of the organization's African-American Outreach, formally announced plans for Pro-Life Freedom Rides that will begin this summer.

We are here to launch a movement within the greater prolife movement, a movement of Freedom Rides for the Unborn,”
Fr. Pavone said during the morning press conference. "Like the Freedom Rides of five decades ago, these freedom rides symbolize the principle of the greater movement of which they are part, namely, that justice and equal protection of human rights belong to each and every human being, regardless of size or age or any other condition." A host of civil rights and pro-life leaders from across the country stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Dr. King and Fr. Pavone to lend their support to the Freedom Rides, the first of which is scheduled for July 23-25. Riders will attend a concert and rally July 23 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center and then board the bus bound for Atlanta. Dozens of rides in all parts of the country could be scheduled over the next year, according to Fr. Pavone.”

I ask you to deepen your prayers for and commitment to -- Pro-life Freedom Rides. Please review the latest information and plan your participation in this incredible and historic campaign.  What a joy it would be to join in fellowship with you and the entire Priests for Life Pastoral Team, July 23-25. You may also unite with us in your own community.

As we “rev-up” our Pro-life action and witness on numerous fronts, let us deepen our commitment to our beautiful and holistic MEV Spirituality.

It is from the rich well of intimacy with the Most Holy Trinity and the gifts resident in His Church, that we wage the warfare for the Gospel of Life and are assured of ultimate victory.

Remember, we are united with Jesus who came to set the captives free.

Jim Pinto, M.E.V.
National Coordinator of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

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