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Registration Form for March 18th Conference Call

Dear Friends, Jim Pinto

Please join me for our first INTERNATIONAL Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Teleconference / Simulcast in 2010 on Thursday, March 18th at 9pm Eastern Time (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific Time).

You can sign up by filling out the form below.

Note: If you have not yet registered as an MEV, please complete the ON-LINE MEV REGISTRATION FORM to BEGIN your MEV YEAR OF DISCERNMENT and FORMATION before you sign up below for the teleconference.

On the Teleconference / Simulcast, we will conduct a Life Cell to draw us together as Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and provide support to help us build the Culture of Life in our states and local areas!

We will discuss various ways to promote the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life to people in your parishes, your workplaces, and your homes and neighborhoods. We will discuss upcoming National Pro-Life Activities that you can help publicize and in which you can participate.

The spirit of national unity through this teleconference will hopefully stir many of you to make your Fiat to God to begin a Life Cell in your area! The Life Cell is a great way to help others understand and contemplate God's Gift of Life through study of the Life encyclicals, and our responsibility to defend this Gift.

If you are already conducting a Life Cell in your area, or would like to start a Life Cell, be sure to send us a message in the box provided on the live event page, which you will receive information about after filling out the registration form below. Include your name, city, state, zip code, best phone, email address and the subject "Life Cell". You can send us a message now or during the call.

We look forward to being united with ALL of our MEV across the nation and the world on March 18; please register below!

Blessings and prayers,

Jim Pinto, M.E.V.

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