January 25, 2007

Dear Lay Missionary of the Gospel of Life,

I pray this letter finds you experiencing that abundant life that Jesus gives.

It has been a special joy for me to witness Fr. Pavone leading Inquirers in the making of their initial promises. I want to be sure that you understand the process for the making of these promises and that you are moving towards that special day. I hope the following will help clarify the process for those who have registered their interest and have been involved in the process of formation.

After the Inquirer has been practicing the disciplines of the Missionaries and maintained contact for the course of a year, he/she may apply for the profession of initial promises. The applicant may request the Assessment Form from our office (Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, P.O. Box 141172 Staten Island, NY 10314) or by downloading it in PDF form . The form must be fully completed, signed and mailed back to our office. Along with the Assessment Form, the applicant should write a letter to the Moderator General formally requesting admission to temporary promises. The Inquirer should share a copy of the Assessment Form with the local parish priest who will be receiving the future letter of recommendation.

Upon the National Coordinator receiving and approving the Assessment Form, a letter of recommendation will be mailed to the local parish priest designated for this purpose. The applicant will be notified of the evaluation of the Assessment Form, the mailing of the Recommendation Form, and its return. The Moderator General will consult with his advisors and inform the applicant of his/her acceptance. Arrangements will then be made for the time and place of the profession of promises.

For further information see the Lay Associates Manual, pages 18-20. You may call John Fagundes, Assistant for this effort at, 718.980.4400, ext. 224 and/or reach both of us by email: missionary@priestsforlife.org.

If you are interested in my coming for a ministry visit, contact the travel coordinator at 718.980.4400 ext. 258, or email: travels@priestsforlife.org.

Letís remember especially to unite in our daily Missionary prayers and the First Friday Pro-Life Examination of Conscience found at http://www.priestsforlife.org/prayers/in-the-palm-revised.pdf.

United with you in promoting the Gospel of Life.

Jim Pinto, Jr. M.E.V.
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
National Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Association