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January 2006
Dear Friend of Life:
On behalf of Fr. Frank Pavone, I want to tell you how pleased we are that you have responded to the recent letter outlining the vision for the Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. You are on your way to membership in this exciting apostolic society for life.
I wanted to be sure that we are united together in the first steps outlined in the previous email and will also mention some further opportunities, as you prepare for the training period which leads to making the promises of the association.
First, the areas you should be working on (some you may have completed).
Daily praying: The Prayer to End Abortion (see www.PrayerCampaign.org)
Studying of  John Paul II’s Encyclical “The Gospel of Life” with the companion Study Guide from Priests for Life. You can read them on this website or order them at orders@priestsforlife.org.
Receiving and responding to Fr. Pavone's bi-weekly columns. This will be an ongoing resource for the four overarching disciplines of prayer, study, community and witness (request it at subscribe@priestsforlife.org).
Actively engaging in the Apostolic Witness to the Gospel of Life through your parish, local ministries, work and family witness.
Further Life Steps for growth:
Join this *Prayer of Consecration (below) to the daily Prayer to End Abortion. These two unique prayers unite us as Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.
Read and meditate upon the overview of the vision of the Lay Missionaries. Pray over, and be ready to share the basic components and vision of the Missionaries with others.
Participating in some structured form of ongoing daily prayer and study: An abbreviated form of the daily office/breviary like the Magnificat, www.magnificat.net, Living with Christ, www.livingwithchrist.us, or other companions.
*Prayer of Consecration
Precious Lord, I consecrate myself to you this day
so that I may love you with all my heart, soul, mind and
strength and love my neighbor as myself.
I promise to live a chaste, obedient, and simple
life of faith and to nurture these promises
through the spiritual disciplines of
prayer, study, community and apostolic witness.
I ask all this through Jesus Christ, the
Author of Life. Amen!
(by Jim Pinto, Jr.)
Some things to expect in the near future:
a)  Further development of the new web page www.priestsforlife.org/missionary, providing you with the latest information and resources you need for continuing growth.                
b)  A new brochure on the Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.
c)  Teachings on the Vision, Promises and Four Overarching Disciplines of the Missionaries.
d)  Notification of Priests for Life clergy and pastoral associates visiting your area to further equip you and other local lay missionaries, including by pro-life retreats for lay men and women.
e) National campaigns and efforts to undo the culture of death and establish a culture of life.
I look forward to building our relationship and extending the culture of life with you.
Our prayers and work unite us,
Jim Pinto
Pastoral Associate: Priests For Life