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May 2006 

Dear Missionary of the Gospel of Life-Lay Associate:

Blessings upon you this Easter Season!

I look forward to participating with you in the first Friday of the month Pro-Life Examination of Conscience.  The Examination is a powerful vehicle for personal holiness, prayer, and compassionate action. Along with our daily “Prayer to End Abortion” and the “Prayer of Consecration”; the Examination of Conscience unites us in common devotion as Lay Associates of the Missionaries.

We are beginning to establish Life Cells in various areas of the Country. Please review the Format of the Life Cell Gathering found at and contact me if you would consider being a facilitator or participant in your locality. The Life Cell is important in communicating the aim and spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Each of you plays an important role in sharing with others the vision of the Missionaries and the Lay Association. Be thoroughly familiar with www.priestsforlife.org/missionary/about-us.htm and the Lay Affiliates Brochure, not simply for your own growth, but to assist others in considering association.  Remember, it is critical that Priests for Life receives their response to the questionnaire at the end of the web-link or on the brochure.

My faith is being strengthened as I get to know Lay Missionaries like you, and the wonderful devotion you all exhibit for Christ, His Church, and The Gospel of Life. Let us continue to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

Our love for God and Missionary spirituality unite us.

God Bless You,

Jim Pinto
Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life
Coordinator: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life-Lay Association