E-Letters to the Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

When you join the Lay Missionaries, it is important to read past e-letters as they may contain special instructions for spiritual growth in the Apostolate.

February 2015

June 3, 2011: A video message from Fr. Frank Pavone

January 14, 2011: Participation in January Pro-Life Events

June 17, 2010: An opportunity for Apostolic Witness this summer

May 3, 2010: Pro-life Freedom Rides Media Conference Calls Thousands to Mobilize for Life, July 23-25, 2010

April 19, 2010: Pro-life Freedom Rides Announced for Birmingham and Atlanta!

March 22, 2010: Two Formation Resources and March Teleconference Replay

March 8, 2010: March 18 Life Cell Teleconference

February 22, 2010: Lenten Devotions and Teleconferences

February 9, 2010: Mobilizing a People of Life for Political Responsibility

January 25, 2010: Renewing our Spirituality and Teleconference

December 21, 2009: Advent/Christmas Message

December 7, 2009: Preparation for the Advent of Jesus Christ the Lord

November 23, 2009: Upcoming Promise Ceremonies

November 10, 2009: Reminders to the Whole Church of Her Missionary Call

October 26, 2009: Intentional and Tenacious in Keeping our Time with Him

October 12, 2009: Embracing Christ Through Prayer and Spirituality

September 28, 2009: Using Current Technologies to Unite MEV

September 8, 2009: MEV International Teleconference Reminder and Update

August 24, 2009: Second International Teleconference

August 10, 2009: Opportunities for Growth and Community

July 20, 2009: Introduction to the Face Prayer

July 7, 2009: June 25 National Life Cell Follow-up

June 22, 2009: Only Three Days Left Until MEV Teleconference

June 9, 2009: June 25, National MEV Teleconference

May 26, 2009: The Holy Spirit, Pentecost and Missionary Zeal

April 28, 2009: Sharing our Pro-Life Spirituality with others

April 14, 2009: An Easter Prayer for Life and a Season for Life

March 30, 2009: 20 MEV Promise Ceremonies Planned

March 16, 2009: Connectedness

February 16, 2009: Life Cells - Strengthening and Establishing

February 02, 2009: The Ongoing Growth and Renewal of the Pro-life Movement

January 19, 2009: A Pro-Life Prayer for Our President-Elect and Public Officials

January 5, 2009: From our Knees to the Streets - Marching For Life

December 29, 2008: Considerations for Concluding One Year and Beginning Another

November 12, 2008: The Yoke of Christ for Pro-Life Action

October 22, 2008: Updates and Reminders

October 14, 2008: Activism: 40 Days for Life and Elections

October 3, 2008: Activism and 40 Days for Life

September 19, 2008: Welcome/Next Step Letter

August 28, 2008: Follow-up to 8.26.08 Teleconference Life Cell

August 21, 2008: Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, unite!

August 8, 2008: First National MEV Teleconference

June 23, 2008: “Is This What You Mean?” Jim’s Instructive Video 

June 9, 2008: Particular Prayers and Reflections for MEV

May 27, 2008: Facilitator’s Guide for A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae

May 9, 2008: A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae

April 21, 2008: Fr. Pavone and the YouTube Project

April 14, 2008: "Is This What You Mean" and Cenacles of Life 

March 17, 2008: Following the Rejected Christ: Bearing our Crosses for the Least

March 3, 2008: The Process for Making Your MEV Promises

February 20, 2008: The Theology of the Face

February 4, 2008: The MEV On-Line Community is Running

January 2008: Our New MEV Community Site

December 2007: Pro-Life InterFace-ing with the Church Calendar & Liturgy

October 2007: The "Great Cloud of (Pro-Life) Witnesses"

July 2007: Being Called Forth to Be a Missionary of the Gospel of Life

June 2007: Casting the Vision: Association, Mission, Lifestyle

April 2007: Praying the Rosary and Fasting for Life

March 2007: Promise Process w/Video

January 2007: The Process for Making Your Promises

December 2006: The Liturgical and Marian Aspects of Our Missionary Spirituality

October 23, 2006: Voter Awareness of Ballot Initiatives and Referenda

October 2, 2006: Prayer for Joyful Fidelity to our Mission

September 2006: The Life and Teachings of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

September 2006: MEV and the Diocese of Amarillo

August 2006: Pro-Life Examination of Conscience and the "Oil" of Our Faith

June 2006: To "Run With the Gospel of Life", We Must Begin on our Knees

May 2006: Life Cells and the Pro-Life Examen Unite Us

March 2006: Specific Steps as You Prepare to Make Your Promises

March 2006: Formation Steps following Registration

January 2006: First Letter