Our Spirituality

The spirituality of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life is

a. Biblical
The Word of Life, found in the pages of the Sacred Text, is to be a constant source of meditation and instruction. The members are to be intimately familiar with the pages of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, and are to always deepen their ability to explain to others the Biblical message about the sanctity of life, as it is found in every part of the Bible.

b. Prophetic
Counteracting the culture of death demands a prophetic spirituality. Our teaching is not our own, and like the prophets, we nurture the spirit of humility and awe that God should deign to speak His eternal word through mortal, sinful instruments like ourselves. The Gospel, always respectful of culture and expressing itself in diversified cultural contexts, likewise challenges and transforms culture. The prophet does not tell the future as much as he tells the present, that is, interprets for people what God says about what is going on in the world. We speak the prophetic word that challenges society to recognize the unborn as brothers and sisters, and to therefore repent of practices and policies that destroy them or put them at risk.

Because prophets are always persecuted, and because the abortion issue is particularly volatile, we foster a particular attentiveness to accepting the inevitable reality of persecution. Rooted in the Beatitudes, we seek the spirit of the apostles who "rejoiced at having been counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the Name" (Acts 5:41).

c. Liturgical
We foster a liturgical spirituality that "thinks and feels" with the ebb and flow of the Church’s liturgical year. Our observance of liturgical seasons and feasts is carried out with a special attentiveness to the lessons those seasons and feasts present regarding the sanctity of life. The Society observes with special solemnity certain special feast days particularly associated with this theme.

d. Eucharistic
The Eucharist is Life itself, and therefore our spirituality is centered on the Bread of Life. The members will receive the Eucharist as frequently as possible, seek opportunities for adoration, and meditate frequently about the intimate links between our faith in the Eucharist and our commitment to the defense of life.

e. Ecumenical
Members share the deep longing of Christ that His disciples would be one, and we see in the Christian response to abortion one of the most practical and effective arenas for authentic ecumenical collaboration. We are ecumenical to the very fabric of our being, always thinking, speaking, and working in ways that welcome our brothers and sisters of other denominations.

f. Marian
Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the model for all mothers, in her “Yes” to God and His plan for her life. Members of the Society seek to learn from Mary, to draw close to her, and to present her to others as a source of inspiration.

In the light of our spirituality, there are certain key virtues that we seek to foster in ourselves and others. These include: