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60 Seconds
2041. May we extend to you a personal invitation to join us for the Annual March for Life in Washington DC on January 18, 2019. On the morning of the March, there will be an interdenominational gathering in Constitution Hall at 8:30am with special guest speakers Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Sandra Merritt. This is the premier indoor pro-life event on that day. Admission is free. Then, as the Marchers reach the Supreme Court, we will be gathered with the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Those hurt by abortion will share their testimonies. Please come to show them your spiritual support and gratitude for exposing the damage abortion does. Let’s match their courage with ours in spreading their stories. You can get more information about both events by visiting [Download]
2038. On January 18, 2019, the day of the March for Life in Washington DC, various religious groups including Priests for Life will gather for the annual national interdenominational prayer service, honoring the preborn and their mothers and fathers. This service, which starts with a Mass, has been held for twenty-five years, and takes place in Constitution Hall. This year we will welcome as our guest speakers Fr. Mitch Pacwa, EWTN TV and Radio Show Host and Sandra Merritt who was instrumental in uncovering Planned Parenthood’s widespread trafficking of baby body parts in 2015 with the Center for Medical Progress. Joyce Im Bartholomew will again be our singer for the event. See more details at National Prayer Service dot com. [Download]