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Priests for Life Newsletter

Volume 14, Number 2
March - April 2004

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Table of Contents

Two Pastors Come into Catholic Church and onto Priests for Life Staff!
Elections and the Church Parking Lot
Prayer Intentions
General Intercessions in Spanish
From the Abortion Providers
Calling all Parish Respect Life Coordinators
Priests for Life Products

Two Pastors Come into Catholic Church and onto Priests for Life Staff!

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director

Priests for Life is happy to announce that two extraordinary pro-life leaders have joined our staff: Rev. Dr. Paul C. Schenck and James J. Pinto, Jr.

Both men bring a wealth of experience to the Priests for Life organization. Rev. Schenck, who is currently in the process of becoming a Catholic, is the co-founder and Chairman of the well-known group, Faith and Action, based in Washington D.C. He is a trustee of three colleges, the author of six books, and has received many distinguished awards, including an honorary doctorate from the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. Before founding Faith and Action, Rev. Schenck was the Executive Vice President of the American Center for Law and Justice. He and his wife, Becky, have eight children!

James Pinto is also a convert to Catholicism. Selected as the "Outstanding Young Religious Leader of Alabama," he served as a priest in the Anglican church for over 20 years. Known for his ability to communicate the Gospel passionately and effectively, Jim has been appeared frequently on television and radio. He has founded and/or developed numerous important ministries in the greater Birmingham area, including, Her Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center Habitat for Humanity, The Grace House/Village for Girls, and the Sanctity of Life Apostolate. Jim and his wife, Joy, have been married for 26 years and have four children and four grandchildren.

The addition of Rev. Schenck and Jim Pinto to the Priests for Life staff is significant in several ways. First and most importantly, both individuals are great leaders in their own right. They have each founded and led successful pro-life organizations. They have each devoted decades of their life to saving the lives of the pre-born. Their commitment to the pro-life struggle goes far beyond the average person. What they bring to Priests for Life in terms of their ability to help our organization end abortion cannot be measured. Indeed, in the short time that they have been with Priests for Life, both men have already done a great deal to advance our mission. Jim Pinto has been extremely active in pushing forward the Priests for Life voter registration campaign for the 2004 elections, and he has been busy with ecumenical networking and coalition building. Rev. Schenck has been hard at work developing Gospel of Life Ministries, a subsidiary of Priests for Life that will focus on working closely with clergy of all faith traditions.

The fact that two pro-life leaders of such high caliber have converted to Catholicism demonstrates once again that God can bring about unity and harmony even in the midst of great discord. Indeed, in the thirty years since Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion, we have seen a noticeable lessening of frictions between the various denominations of Christianity. Working together with our brothers and sisters from other faith traditions for the shared purpose of ending the slaughter of innocent children has resulted in a greater spirit of cooperation and collaboration. "For me," says Rev. Schenck, "becoming a Catholic is the fulfillment of my yearning for a truly comprehensive and consistent Christianity…The Catholic Church provides a coherent foundation for an unyielding commitment to the sanctity of every human life, of marriage and of the family, and of all the seasons for life."

And the fact that these two former Protestant leaders have decided to leave their own organizations in order to work for Priests for Life is also highly significant. Priests for Life presently has 50 full-time staff members, four full-time priest associates and an outreach via the mass media that is staggering. We have never been in a stronger position to influence the culture and impact the pro-life movement in America. It is extremely gratifying to all of us here that leaders such as Rev. Schenck and Jim Pinto recognize the critical role we are playing and are eager to join forces with us. "This organization," says Jim Pinto, "is making a profound contribution…I count it as a great privilege to be a part of the team and the mission. Priests for Life has given me a concrete opportunity to take the Gospel of life to the World— the whole world!"

We are grateful to God for giving us Rev. Schenck and Jim Pinto, and we are confident that the addition of these two leaders to our staff signals an important new development in the pro-life cause, and will result in even more babies' lives being saved in months and years ahead.


Elections and the Church Parking Lot

With primaries taking place in various parts of the nation and the general election fast approaching, many pastors are approached by people who wish to distribute campaign literature in the Church parking lot, or who simply do it on their own.

There is no reason to throw such people off the property simply for putting literature on cars. Among the attorneys who advise us at Priests for Life are James Bopp, Jr. and Barry Bostrom, who are among the nation's leading experts on tax law and on what Churches are allowed to do regarding elections. In a recent letter, they advised us as follows:

"…[T]he distribution of campaign material by others in the church parking lot will not jeopardize the church's tax exempt status. The mere permission of distribution of campaign materials by others in the church parking lot is not regulated by the Internal Revenue Code. The Code and its regulations are designed to limit only the activities and expenditures of non-profit organizations. Distribution of campaign materials by others outdoors, in a public parking lot, is not an activity or expenditure of the church…

"…[I]n most states there are state court decisions holding that such activity is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and/or the State Constitution, and therefore, the church will suffer no adverse consequences as a result of this activity. There are many cases recognizing the free speech rights of individuals and protecting speech and petitioning, reasonably exercised, in public areas, even when the property is privately owned…

"In other words, churches not only may permit campaign statements to be distributed in their public parking lots, they cannot prohibit such distributions because the parking lots are open to the public."

Prayer Intentions

You are encouraged to remember the following intentions as you pray the Liturgy of the Hours:

March intention: That the spirit of Lent may help God's people to repent of their role in the abortion tragedy.

April intention: For an increase in the virtue of hope among those who labor against the Culture of Death.

General Intercessions in Spanish

Following are petitions based on the readings for the latter part of Lent through Easter, Cycle C

Tercer Domingo de Cuaresma, Ciclo C
Que Dios, que siempre escucha el clamor de Su gente, nos ayude a escuchar el llanto de los pobres, los vulnerables y el de los no nacidos, te lo pedimos Señor…

Cuarto Domingo de Cuaresma, Ciclo C
Para todos los que practican o se han sometido a un aborto, para que puedan confiar en El Padre de la Misericordia, quien siempre acoge a los hijos arrepentidos, te lo pedimos Señor…

Quinto Domingo de Cuaresma, Ciclo C
Que podamos construir la cultura de la Vida, la cual acoge a los nacidos y no nacidos, al extranjero y al prójimo, al santo y al pecador, te lo pedimos Señor…

Domingo de Ramos
Que Cristo quien nos salvó cuando éramos débiles, que igualmente nosotros podamos salvar a los que son ahora débiles incluyendo a los pobres, y los no nacidos, te lo pedimos Señor…

Jueves Santo
Que siguiendo el ejemplo de Jesús, quien le lavó los pies a sus discípulos, podamos también tener reverencia y servir a la vida humana, especialmente a los más débiles y a los que todavía se encuentran en el vientre materno, te lo pedimos Señor…

Vigilia de Pascua
Que la luz de Cristo resucitado ilumine las mentes de los líderes de gobierno y les ayude a proteger la vida humana, te lo pedimos Señor…

Domingo de Resurrección
Que la victoria de Jesús sobre la muerte pueda animarnos a trabajar para abolir el aborto, el infanticidio y la eutanasia, te lo pedimos Señor…


From the Abortion Providers…

"[S]ometimes when the physician reaches into the uterine cavity to dismember the fetus and remove a part, the entire fetus, still intact, may pass through…up to the head…It is not always possible to remove [the head] without crushing the skull…or by puncturing the skull and suctioning out its contents, thereby killing the fetus…" (Michigan: Evans v. Kelly, 977 F. Supp. 1283).

Testimony of Dr. M.E.: "If I get a leg, part of that leg will protrude into the vaginal cavity, then [I will disarticulate it] and the hemorrhaging then causes the death of the fetus" (Ibid.)

Calling all parish respect life coordinators

Dear Friend,

Priests for Life would like to know how to contact the respect life coordinator for your parish. As we interact with priests from coast to coast, we learn many effective pastoral programs, and we want your parish coordinator to be aware of them. Kindly fill out the form below and mail or fax it to us. Thank you!

Name of Parish: __________________ City _________ State _______

Parish Respect Life coordinator ________________________________

Coordinator's Mailing Address _________________________________


Phone: ____________________________

Fax: _______________________________

Email: ______________________________

Mail to Priests for Life - Dept. J, PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923

Or fax to 413-803-0092. Thank you!


Our Products

"What Does the Church Teach about Life Issues?" (Booklet) Published by Liguori Publications, this booklet explains the "consistent ethic of life" in a way that both asserts the truth of this teaching and counteracts the myths that would exploit it. Some have dismissed the consistent ethic, saying it waters down the unique seriousness of the abortion problem. Others have misused the consistent ethic, criticizing groups that have a specific focus on fighting abortion. Drawing on the writings of the bishops and on his extensive experience in the pro-life movement, Fr. Frank Pavone addresses these concerns in this booklet. Great for parish bookracks and adult education programs! [Product 1624, $1 donation]

"Fire and Ice" (CD and Audiocassette) Do you have people look at you like you're crazy when you tell them about the horrors of partial-birth abortion? Well here is a tape of one! Hear the suction of the brains; hear the abortionist describe the process; hear the applause of the abortionists after the child has been killed! Then hear inspiring remarks by Alan Keyes! With this product, nobody will doubt you again! [Product 1625 (CD) or 1626 (audio), $7.50 donation each]

"Earth's Trash, Heaven's Treasure" This painting is one of the most powerful depictions of how children thrown away on earth are received by Jesus in heaven. [Product 133, $12 donation]

Other Priests for Life Products

Won by Love (the book explaining how Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff of Roe vs. Wade, became a pro-life Christian) [Product 783, $20 donation] and its companion booklet My Journey into the Catholic Church. [Product 1525, $3 donation].

Living the Gospel of Life: A Study Guide (Fr. Frank Pavone guides you to a deeper understanding of the US Bishops' 1998 document.) [Product 1598, $10 donation].

Preaching on Abortion (A guide booklet for priests and deacons) [Product 99, $3 donation]

Order form

(You may mail your order to Priests for Life, PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923, fax it to 718-980-3853, or email it to

Name: ________________________________________________

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