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Priests for Life Newsletter

Volume 14, Number 5
September - October 2004

Table of Contents

Year of the Eucharist
Cardinal Renato Martino joins Board of Priests for Life, Comments on Voting
EWTN Series on Elections 2004
Priests for Life Expands Television Outreach to New Audiences
Bulletin Insert in Spanish
Prayer Novena for America
Prayer Intentions
Our Latest Products to Prepare you for Election Day
We need your help today!

Year of the Eucharist

Pope John Paul II has declared a Year of the Eucharist to begin this October. The Church, during this special year, will meditate upon, celebrate, worship and proclaim the great gift of the Lord's Body and Blood.

The Eucharist, in its essence, is Life, because it is Christ Himself. Over the years, Priests for Life has prepared numerous resources reflecting on the relationship between the Eucharist and our pro-life commitment. We have brochures, prayers, and even the music video "This is My Body." This material can be used in your parish for pro-life holy hours, educational groups, and other events throughout the Year of the Eucharist. For more information, see

The pro-life commitment is Eucharistic; the Eucharistic commitment is pro-life

  1. Sacrament of Faith -- If we can see Jesus in the tiny Host, we can see him in every human person, including the tiny unborn child.
  2. Sacrament of Unity -- The Eucharist draws us all to Jesus, and therefore all to one another in one body. While abortion divides the human family, the Eucharist unites it, making us members of one another.
  3. Sacrament of Perfect Worship -- The attitude of "pro-choice" is that my choices belong to me. The attitude of worship, which reaches its summit in the Eucharist, is that all our choices are submitted to Jesus, our King, and true freedom is found only in him.
  4. Sacrament of Life -- The Eucharist is the victory of life. "Dying you destroyed our death" -- and also the death of every unborn child. The Eucharist destroys the power of abortion.
  5. Sacrament of Love -- Love says, "I sacrifice myself for the good of the other." Abortion says, "I sacrifice the other for the good of myself." Abortion is the opposite of love. The same words are used for both: This is my body.


Cardinal Renato Martino joins Board of Priests for Life, Comments on Voting

Priests for Life is happy to announce that His Eminence Cardinal Renato Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican, has joined the Episcopal Board of Priests for Life. "Cardinal Martino has been a long-time friend of our ministry," explained Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director. "I was privileged to get to know him when he served as the Holy Father's representative at the United Nations and I was serving at the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family. Then, when we opened our new headquarters, he honored us by coming to bless our building. We have always had the benefit of his wise counsel and long experience. We look forward to continued fruitful collaboration."

Cardinal Martino was the 2002 recipient of the National Right to Life Committee's "Proudly Pro-life Award." The other Catholic clergy who have received that award over the years are Cardinal John O'Connor (1994), Bishop James McHugh (2000), and Fr. Frank Pavone (2001).

In May of this year, Priests for Life interviewed Cardinal Martino in Rome on the subject of the political responsibility of Catholics. Here are some excerpts of the Cardinal's remarks.

" The Church must always take up the prophetic role and be ready and willing to comment in the political sphere whenever and where ever the necessity arises. This does not mean that the Church should involve itself directly in the political debate but the Church must always be like "the voice crying in the wilderness"… The Church teaches that we must be involved in the political life around us. We must call upon our governments to promote and protect our lives and provide us with peace, justice and security.

"…A Catholic or anyone with a well formed conscience, a well formed understanding of right and wrong; good and evil can NEVER vote for a political program or law 'which contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals'.

"As in the case of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher and so many like them through the ages, …a Catholic politician or a Catholic voter cannot separate himself or herself from his or her moral responsibility. You cannot choose when and where to be Catholic and that includes political life and voter responsibility.

"It is in the voting booth and the ballot that the average citizen can exercise that involvement, not only in the political life of their neighbourhood, city or nation but also to become involved in assuring, as Blessed Pope John told us, 'that every institution, whether economic, social, cultural or political ...facilitate man's self betterment.'

"What better motivation can we have to be involved or become more active in the making our societies, our world a better place? And what could be easier than being an informed voter? Voting is a right and as well as a duty but it is also essential to be informed and to vote as your heart and your conscience tell you.

"The Holy Father speaks of the protection of life as the fundamental realization and respect for human rights. Without that realization, without that respect for the right to life, no other discussion of human rights can continue; it must be based upon the foundation of human dignity and the right to life.

"In my time at the United Nations, the Delegation stressed that relationship and interconnectedness between recognition of human dignity, the right to life and the protection of other human rights and fundamental freedoms. Unfortunately, there are too many people, delegations, states that refuse to discuss that human dignity, they refuse to recognize that gift that binds all human beings together."

EWTN Series on Elections 2004

During the six weeks before Election Day, The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) will air six special programs to help prepare Catholics for our national elections to be held on November 2. This series features interviews of Vatican officials, commentary on the teachings of our bishops, and a clear affirmation that the right to life is the number one issue in determining which candidates to elect. This series is action-oriented. You will learn what you need to do, not only to cast your vote, but to influence thousands of votes! For information on air dates, and bulletin announcements, visit

Priests for Life Expands Television Outreach to New Audiences

We are proud to announce a new television series, produced by our ecumenical branch, Gospel of Life Ministries. The program "Gospel of Life" will air on the Sky Angel network, reaching new audiences of millions of Christians. Dr. Paul Schenck, who recently joined the Priests for Life team, serves as Executive Director of Gospel of Life and co-host of the program, together with Fr. Frank Pavone and Janet Morana. You can use the announcement below to publicize this new program! Visit the Sky Angel website, or call the number below, to find out how you can receive the programs.


A new pro-life television series airing every

Monday at 3:30 AM Eastern

Thursday at 8:30AM Eastern and

Saturday at 7:30 PM Eastern

on Angel One on the Sky Angel Satellite System

To learn more about how to get our program and other Sky Angel Christ-centered programming, visit or call 1-800-Sky-Angel today!

Bulletin Insert in Spanish

"Los católicos estadounidenses han buscado por mucho tiempo asimilarse a la vida cultural de este país. Pero al asimilarse, hemos sido frecuentemente totalmente "dirigidos". Hemos sido cambiados demasiado por nuestra cultura, y no la hemos cambiado lo suficiente. Si somos levadura, debemos llevar todo el Evangelio a nuestra cultura, un Evangelio de vida y alegria. Eso es nuestra vocación de creyentes. Y no hay un mejor sitio para empezar que con la promoción de la belleza y la santidad de la vida humana." ( Los Obispos Católicos de E.E. U.U., Vivir el Evangelio de la Vida, 1998, no.25).


Prayer Novena for America

Starting August 31, Priests for Life has launched a national prayer campaign of nine weeks leading up to Election Day. Please sign up and commit to prayers, Masses, Divine Mercy Chaplets, and days of fasting. The intention is that believers will be active in voting, and that our nation will embrace a culture of life. For more details, see Let us know your prayer commitment by writing to Priests for Life Prayer Campaign, PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.


Prayer Intentions

You are encouraged to remember the following intentions as you pray the Liturgy of the Hours:

September intention: That both private and public schools may promote an understanding of human rights that places the right to life at the center.

October intention: That God's people may use their privilege of voting as a way to advance the Culture of Life.

Our Latest Products to Prepare you for Election Day

____ Study Guide on Living the Gospel of Life ($13). (Includes a copy of the document itself.) Use this guide in the final weeks before the election to help your people understand the issues in the light of Church teaching. Product #1598

____ Bulletin inserts for your parish (Free. Available on internet for download -- English and Spanish -- see

____ Homily suggestions for the final weeks before election day (Free -- see

____ Ten Responses to Pro-Abortion Politicians (Brochure -- $0.20 ea. -- Product #1659)

____ You Wouldn't Even Ask (Brochure about why the right to life is the fundamental issue. -- $0.20 ea. -- Product #1671)

____ CD of radio spots on Political responsibility (Can be used for broadcast, or to play at educational or spiritual gatherings -- $6.00 -- Catholic Version _______ #1660; General Christian Version ______ # 1650)

____ What does the Church Teach About Life Issues (Published by Liguori -- Clarifies the meaning of the "Consistent Ethic of Life" -- Great for parish bookrack -- $1.00 each)


We need your help today!

November 2, Election Day, is approaching. We need your help today! Contact us at or call our election team at 321-500-1000, ext. 297. You can sign up for election-related activities at where an online form will allow you to indicate how you can help.

Assistance is needed, and training is available, to

  1. Help people to register to vote;
  2. Help those who cannot get to the polls on Election Day to vote early;
  3. Inform voters of the positions of candidates;
  4. Inform Catholics of the teachings of our bishops on political responsibility;
  5. Get bulletin inserts into Church bulletins;
  6. Promote our "Study Guide" of the bishops' document Living the Gospel of Life;
  7. Promote our television series on Elections 2004;
  8. Monitor polling places to insure fair elections;
  9. Distribute voter education information from door to door.

Now is the time! You can be sure that pro-abortion people are mobilizing their forces to make sure that the killing chambers continue to operate with the blessing of public officials. They know a lot is at stake, since the next President and Senate will shape the next Supreme Court, which will decide issues like abortion for the next generation. Do not think any amount of time or help is too small. Contact us today and experience the joy of letting your voice be heard and helping to make history as the Church fulfills her mandate to renew the face of the earth!

Attention, Pastors! Inform your People of Candidates' Positions through



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