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Priests for Life Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 3
May-June 2005

Table of Contents:

Bishop Permits Fr. Pavone to Found New Society
Church sign posting: do it today!
Deacons' Corner
Powerful New DVD about the Abortion Procedure!
Priests for Life Mass Cards Available
Prayer Campaign to End Abortion prayer cards
Prayer Intentions
Priests for Life Broadcasting On Television, Radio and Internet

Bishop Permits Fr. Pavone to Found New Society

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, officially announced that he is founding a pro-life community dedicated to the formation and training of priests, deacons, brothers and seminarians who will devote themselves fully to the proclamation of the Gospel of Life. This initiative will be based in the diocese of Amarillo, Texas, under the authority and stewardship of Bishop John W. Yanta, Bishop of Amarillo.

"It has been a dream of mine for over a decade to form a community that can accept seminarians who want to devote their entire ministry to the defense of the unborn," said Fr. Pavone. "While it is true that a few religious orders have pro-life work as a dimension of their activities, the Church has no ‘institutional’ society of men whose primary charism is to protect innocent human life from the tragedy of abortion and euthanasia. It is time for such a community. I am grateful to Bishop Yanta for allowing me the opportunity to make this dream a reality."

Bishop Yanta, who has served on the Priests for Life Episcopal Board of Advisors since 1998, and who has been particularly devoted to the pro-life cause throughout his priesthood, has already offered several buildings in his diocese that will serve as the center for the new apostolate. "I am excited about supporting Fr. Pavone in venturing forth, with and through the Holy Spirit, in the establishment of a Society of Apostolic Life for priests and seminarians dedicated to pro-life ministry—an immense need at this time in history," said Bishop Yanta today. "The Lord has provided several vacant buildings that once served as a Christian Brothers High School with boarding facilities, a chapel, gym, and spacious grounds. The Diocese of Amarillo is happy to make these available (at no cost) to Priests for Life and the proposed Society of Apostolic Life."

This community, while drawing on the spirit and mission of Priests for Life, will be a completely separate entity. Priests for Life will continue to exist as a not-for-profit association of the faithful under Canon Law. Fr. Pavone will continue to serve as the National Director of Priests for Life. In order to initiate the historic formation of this pro-life community of priests, deacons, brothers and seminarians, Fr. Pavone has officially become a priest of the diocese of Amarillo.

"This is a pivotal moment in time," said Fr. Pavone. "Throughout the history of the Church, God has intervened in times of great moral crisis and has raised up within His Church the charisms necessary to address those crises. I have long been convinced that God is raising up numerous disciples ready to devote their entire lives to ending the tragedy of abortion, which the bishops have identified this as the ‘fundamental human rights issue of our day.’ I have no doubt that we will see a tremendous and immediate response to this initiative."

Church sign posting: do it today!

Parishes throughout the country bear witness to the sanctity of life by means of signs posted prominently on their property. Why not do it at your parish?

Deacons' Corner

Believe, Teach and Practice

By Deacon Keith Fournier
© Third Millennium, LLC

"Receive the Gospel of Christ, Whose herald you now are. Believe what you read, Teach what you believe, and practice what you teach." Bishop's Charge to the Newly Ordained Deacon

As Deacons we were ordained to serve by being configured to Christ the Servant. We are charged to continue his redemptive mission. One of the unique aspects of the diaconal vocation is the call to charity and social justice. Working to end what Pope John Paul II rightly labeled the "culture of death" and to build what he has called a new "culture of life" and "civilization of love", flows right from the heart of our ordained vocation. When we were handed the Book of the Gospels, the Bishop called us to believe, teach and practice. That Gospel is, in the words of Pope John Paul, a "Gospel of Life".

Many of us are married. We are called to believe, teach and practice everything that the Church teaches concerning marriage and family as a vocation and call to holiness. We are to make our families a "domestic church", fully living all that the Church teaches concerning the openness to life that is the heart of the nuptial mystery- and to model that openness to life to others. We are also called to believe, teach and practice the full treasury of the Catholic Church concerning marriage and family without confusion or compromise.

Many of us are engaged in careers or jobs. These are not something we do "outside" of our diaconate. Upon the imposition of hands by the Bishop we changed "ontologically", as good sacramental theology teaches. We are deacons in everything that we do now, not just those things that seem somehow "spiritual." Thus, in all of our work we are called to be both evangelistic and prophetic, living the faith that we proclaim from the ambo, and witnessing to its truth and relevance in every segment of life.

The Early Christian Fathers referred to the Church as the "world reconciled." One Orthodox theologian I am fond of writes of the world as being "in the course of transfiguration." We are called to carry on the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ through His Body, the Church, in the real world. Most of us stand at the intersection of faith and culture, and we are called to be instruments for transformation in the current age.

Through our diaconal service, some of us also serve in ecumenical environments. This positioning gives us opportunities to present the full truth about life to our Christian friends in other communities and put into practice the Catholic Church’s teaching on authentic Christian cooperation. The pro-life movement is one of the greatest ecumenical efforts of our lifetime. As Deacons we are called to be at the front lines of this movement.

"Deacons in the Service of Life" (, an outreach of Priests for Life, is committed to assisting Deacons in their work of building the new Culture of Life through their diaconal ministry. Our mission is to help Deacons believe, teach and practice the fullness of Catholic teaching on life and to instruct, assist and challenge others to do the same.

"Deacons in the Service of Life" is ready to help all deacons to believe, teach and practice this "Gospel of Life."

Deacon Keith Fournier is a Deacon of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. He is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, the John Paul II Institute of the Lateran University and the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. A human rights lawyer he has appeared as co-counsel four times at the United States Supreme Court. He has authored seven books.

"See For Yourself" - Powerful New DVD about the Abortion Procedure!

Listen to and watch former abortionist Dr. Tony Levatino take actual instruments that were once used to kill thousands of babies, and describe how the abortion procedure is done, using fetal models to illustrate it. This program is guaranteed to wake up all but the most hardened consciences! Then, on the same DVD, watch Dr. Byron Calhoun comment on actual aborted babies whom he examined -- and see the babies in detail. Order "See for Yourself" below.

Priests for Life Mass Cards Available

Our Mass cards continue to be available, and you can request them from us in any quantity free of charge. Then, when you want to enroll a deceased friend or loved one, you can use the card, and the person will share in the benefit of all the prayers and Masses of the Priests for Life Association worldwide.

We are in the process of producing Mass cards for the living, and if you want to place an advance order for those, please do so -- but please be patient as we finish the production!

Prayer Campaign to End Abortion prayer cards

We are asking all Christians to make a commitment to say a special prayer of commitment each day for an end to abortion, and to indicate that they have joined this effort by going to to sign up. You may obtain prayer cards from us, in quantity, with this prayer on them.

Order Form

Please mail your order to: Priests for Life PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923

Or fax it to (718) 980-3853 or Email:

Name: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________

City: ____________________________________

State/Zip: ________________________________

Phone: __________________________________

Email: __________________________________

___ I have made my check payable to: Priests for Life.

___ I have donated online at

___ Please charge my contribution to my credit card:

Card Type:_______________________________

Card #:__________________________________ Exp:____/_____


___"See For Yourself" Abortion video: product #1763

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___Mass Cards - In Remembrance of the Deceased: product #1708

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___Prayer to End Abortion prayer cards: product #1670

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@ $.10 Each for total $______

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Can you make a gift to enable us to send this newsletter to every priest in your diocese? Call Jerry at 321-500-1000

General Intercessions for every Sunday of the year:

The US Bishops' Pastoral Plan for Pro-life Activities calls for a pro-life petition at every Mass. Now you can find, in English and Spanish, a suggested set of General Intercessions for every Sunday of the Liturgical Year. Go to

Prayer Intentions

You are encouraged to remember the following intentions as you pray the Liturgy of the Hours:

May intention: That the unborn be remembered at graduation ceremonies nationwide.

June intention: That post-abortion ministries may be successful in their efforts to reach more and more people with compassion and healing.

Oración para abolir el aborto

Dios Padre, te agradezco por el obsequio de mi vida,
por las vidas de todos mis hermanos y hermanas.
Sé que no hay nada que destruya la vida más que el aborto,
y me regocijo al saber que Tu has conquistado la muerte
con la Resurrección de Tu Hijo.
Estoy listo para poner de mi parte en la lucha para abolir el aborto.
Este día me comprometo
a nunca más quedarme en silencio,
nunca más quedarme pasivo,
y nunca más olvidarme de los no nacidos.
Me comprometo a ser activo en los movimientos pro vida,
y nunca dejar de luchar por la vida
hasta que todos mis hermanos y hermanas sean protegidos,
y que nuestra nación sea de nuevo una
nación con libertad y justicia
no solo para algunos, sino para todos,
Por Cristo Nuestro Señor. Amen!

(Please promote this as a daily prayer! People can join our prayer campaign at and download this prayer in English and Spanish.)

Priests for Life Broadcasting On Television, Radio and Internet

Tune in to see 13 new, powerful and informative Defending Life shows!

The 10th Season has just begun on EWTN.  Wednesday, 5 AM and Friday, 10 PM (all times Eastern).

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Listen to Defending Life on the web at and search on "pavone."


We also produce the program Gospel of Life, which is geared to an interdenominational Christian audience. It airs on the "Angel One" channel on the Sky Angel Satellite System - Monday at 3:30am, Thursday at 8:30am and Saturday at 7:30pm (all times Eastern).

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