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January - February 2008 Vol. 18 Number 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Priests for Life

1. Does Priests for Life propose policies different than the policies dioceses already follow?
The role of Priests for Life is distinct from that of the hierarchy or the official structure of a diocese. Priests for Life is a movement which motivates, encourages, informs and equips the faithful to carry out the work of defending life.
As such, Priests for Life does not seek to set policy for a parish or a diocese. The role of deciding of?cial policy belongs to the diocesan bishop and those to whom he entrusts particular responsibilities.Priests for Life, on the other hand, is a resource of expertise, information, networking, and pastoral experience on various dimensions of the pro-life effort. Many dioceses use our information in forming and implementing their policies. We gladly share the insights and resources we have. And we expect to be part of the conversation in which we are all engaged as we try, together as one Church, to chart the best course and find the most effective means of building a culture of life.
2. Even though Priests for Life doesnít endorse candidates, doesnít it favor the Republicans?
Priests for Life proclaims the Gospel of Life and the demands that Gospel makes on public policy. That message is the same no matter what positions the national political parties take on life issues. Obviously, if one party takes a position against abortion and another takes a position for it, then pro-life teaching  whether enunciated by the bishops, by Priests for Life or by any other group, is, in effect, going to benefit the pro-life party. Yet that is because of the position the party takes, not because the pro-life groups choose to support that party.
Our primary spokesperson, Fr. Frank Pavone, is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and serves as a resource to groups and public officials on both sides of the aisle.
3. What is the structural relationship between Priests for Life and Rachelís Vineyard?
The worldwide work of Rachelís Vineyard is a ministry of Priests for Life and operates under the umbrella of Priests for Life. The founders and directors of Rachelís Vineyard, Dr. Theresa and Kevin Burke, are employed by Priests for Life as full-time Pastoral Associates. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, serves as National Pastoral Director and Chairman of the Board of Rachelís Vineyard.

Lenten Prayer Campaign

At , Priests for Life coordinates an ongoing international and interdenominational prayer campaign to end abortion. In addition to the ongoing "Daily Prayer to End Abortion", we post special prayers for various times and seasons of the year. We have posted the following special prayer for the Lenten season which we invite all believers to say each day. The prayer can also be downloaded from , where people can also indicate that they are joining in this prayer effort. Lenten Pro-life Prayer
Father of all mercy, we thank you for this season of grace and light. We know that sin has blinded us. Draw us ever closer to you, in prayer and penance. Since you, O God, are light itself, give all your people a clearer understanding of what is sin, and what is virtue. Grant in particular that we may see, as never before, the profound dignity of every human life, including the vulnerable unborn children. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer Intentions
You are encouraged to remember the following intentions as you pray the Liturgy of the Hours:

That radio and television ministries will carry effective commentary on life issues.

That Priests for Life may grow in the effectiveness and
scope of its ministry.

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