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January - February 2008 Vol. 18 Number 1
Welcome, Fr. Victor!

Fr. Victor Salomón, a member of the Hermandad de Sacerdotes Operarios DiocesanosPriests for Life welcomes to our staff Fr. Victor Salomón, a member of the Hermandad de Sacerdotes Operarios Diocesanos. Originally from Venezuela, he lives in Washington DC and is active in Rachels Vineyard Ministries.  A Joyful Season

Roe vs. Wade Observances

Check out for resources as we observe another sad anniversary of this tragic decision.

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2008 Priests for Life Wall Calendar This contains photos of some of our activities out on the road. Its an attractive and enjoyable way to spread the pro-life message.

Three new and powerful brochures written by Fr. Frank Pavone!

Preaching on Euthanasia

Preaching on Contraception

Preaching on Capital Punishment

The Cross and the People of Life
 - 2 CD set

On Good Friday of 2007, Fr. Frank Pavone preached the Seven Last Words at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT. Weaving the themes of the Passion and the pro-life cause, Fr. Frank gives a Biblically based, stirring call to draw strength from the cross to advance the Gospel of Life. This CD set also includes his homily at the Liturgy of the Passion.

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