January - February 2009 Vol. 19 www.priestsforlife.org Number 1
Help Women and Men to be Silent No More!
by Janet Morana, Co-Founder,
Silent No More Awareness Canpaign

As you may know, Priests for Life, in conjunction with Anglicans for Life, coordinates the largest mobilization in history of women and men who have lost children to abortion. It is the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. It is first of all a clearinghouse for healing resources. Anyone who needs healing, or needs to refer others to it, can go to www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org to find the help they need, no matter what their religious background may be.
Then, for those who have experienced healing and feel so inclined, we help them share the testimony of their pain and healing. “I Regret My Abortion” and “I Regret Lost Fatherhood” are the signs the mothers and fathers, respectively, hold as they stand in public gatherings, the premier one being the annual March for Life in Washington DC on January 22.

Throughout Church history, in Scripture, in the lives of saints and prophets, personal testimony to the power of God’s grace has been an integral aspect of the spread of the Gospel. Jesus himself, after all, is the one who gives testimony to what he has seen and heard from the Father.
You can help us gain ground in the fight against abortion by helping us identify those post-abortive moms and dads who are willing to stand before others and show, by personal experience, how abortion hurt them and how Christ healed them.

Help us gather a thousand such people in Washington, DC this year for the March for Life. Even if one is not going to speak publicly about his/her testimony, it is fine just to be there and carry the sign, “I Regret My Abortion,” or “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.”

To sign up, visit www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org.
Come with us and make history!

Rachel’s Vineyard on the Road: Post Abortion
Training Days held at Dioceses across the U.S.

The last few months have been a busy but fruitful time for Pastoral Associates Kevin and Theresa Burke, founders of Rachel’s Vineyard (a ministry of Priests for Life) and leaders in post abortion education.  They offered training for dioceses in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Dakota, and Michigan addressing nearly 1000 counselors, clergy, health care professionals, RV volunteers and interested lay people.
Presentations included “ Sharing the Heart of Christ,” “ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” “ How Emotional Trauma Impacts the Brain,” and other presentations including how men deal with abortion loss, the impact of abortion on relationships and families, and how clergy, clinicians, nurses can best attend to those in their care dealing with the aftermath of abortion.
The Clinical conferences and Rachel’s Vineyard Regional Team Trainings were well received.  To quote Sue Williams of the Office of Family Life in Norwich, CT,  “ all the feedback received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive for the insightfulness of the information on such an important ministry.” The word “excellent” can be found on virtually every comment card, along with praises like “ Very compelling…very eye-opening”; “a powerful, training and spiritual experience.”
Another key element for the consistent success of these training days is revealed as one attendee expressed in  “ the ability of the Burkes to take technical psychological information and present the material in a very understandable format.” Everyone from the local clinical psychologist to the eager volunteer can walk away from a Clinical Training with the Burkes feeling informed and armed with knowledge to help spread the healing message of Rachel’s Vineyard.

The Church and
the Democrats

“At this point, the Democratic Party risks transforming itself definitively into a "party of death" due to its choices on bioethical issues, as Ramesh Ponnuru wrote in his book "The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts and the Disregard for Human Life."

“And I say this with a heavy heart, because we all know that the Democrats were the party that helped our Catholic immigrant parents and grandparents to better integrate into and prosper in American society. But it's not the same anymore…Nonetheless, there are among Democrats some pro-lifers, but they are, unfortunately, rare.”
-- Archbishop Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Interview with Zenit News, Rome, October 2, 2008

 "My plea with Democratic leaders is always that they make space for pro-life politicians, and I have many pro-life Democrats come to me and say that they not making space for them. I think that that is a very serious problem, particularly in a state like Massachusetts, where it is so heavily Democratic."
– Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston, Catholic News Service, November 19, 2007

Michael Petrides of Connecticut shared:
“Theresa and Kevin Burke understand that the abortion healing that they champion is necessary for our societal transformation and survival. The emotional wounds of fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and friends are too deep.... The Burkes integrate therapeutic clinical and pastoral information and answers in a truly sensitive, compassionate model.”
Kevin and Theresa bring their passion for healing with them everywhere they go, spreading deep roots for a vineyard that will continue the mission to heal the pain of abortion - one weekend at a time.
If you are interested in having the Burkes present in your community please contact: Kathryn Boyle, speakers@rachelsvineyard.org, 610-354-0555.


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