Prayer Campaign to Follow-up on the Elections of 2016: For our leaders, the Transition, and Implementation of Promises

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you once again for such a great election victory. Your prayers, your actions, your sacrifices, have been joined with so many others and have made a difference! Our nation has been given another chance to root itself more firmly in our founding principles and commit itself more decisively to pursue a Culture of Life.

The tremendous opportunity, therefore, that we have been given in this election is a profound duty. The momentum we built up during the campaigns needs to remain strong; the coalition we formed needs to remain active; the people we recruited need to stay involved, because now the work of implementation begins.

The people who are appointed to the new Presidential Administration need to be supported, as do all who have been elected. We need to stand with and work side by side with our elected officials as they begin fulfilling the pledges they made during the campaigns. The work is not just theirs; it is ours. We truly govern ourselves. Therefore, as votes come up in Congress, for instance, we need to be in close communication with our Representatives and Senators to encourage them to vote the right way, showing them our full support for the right kind of laws.

You will find our Action Alerts, which will point you to the steps that need to be taken at the right time, at

And on this page, you will find prayers that express the intentions we need to raise up to God for those who have been elected and for the work we all now need to do along with them.

Thank you for your participation both in prayer and action, and please get as many others involved in these initiatives as possible!

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director 

Prayer for Elected Officials [Spanish]

Prayer for the Transition of Power [Spanish]

Prayer for Presidential Appointees [Spanish]



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