Prayer for our Elected Officials


Lord Jesus,
You are the King of Kings
And Lord of Lords.
You are the ruler of the Kings of the earth,
And the one through whom and for whom
All things exist.

We pray today for those who have just been elected to public office.
Bless, first of all, the men who will serve 
As our new President and Vice-President,
And bless their families.

We ask also that those who write and pass our laws
May keep their eyes fixed on your law
As their ultimate authority.

We ask that those who execute the laws
May be filled with awe in your presence,
As you govern the universe from end to end mightily.
And we ask that those who judge in human courts
May know they are accountable to you,
The Judge of all.

Lord, we pray that the tragedy of abortion
May awaken the consciences of those in public office,
And stir them to action 
To defend human rights and dignity.

Lord, so many have been asleep,
And so many public servants
Have forgotten the difference
Between serving the public and killing the public.

Awaken them, enlighten them and heal them.

And to those whose eyes are already fixed
On your law of life,
Give unending courage and perseverance
In the task of serving the common good
And securing the right to life
Which comes only from you
And which no government can take away.

We ask this of you, Lord Jesus, who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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