Prayer for the Transition of Power


Holy Spirit of God,
You are the source of all right judgment, discernment, and counsel.
You enlighten our minds to see what is right and good,
And give us the strength to choose it.

Fill the minds and hearts of our President-elect 
And his entire transition team
As they carry out the vast and momentous task
Of choosing the women and men who will serve our nation
In the new Administration.

Keep before them the high standards
That those who serve in these many positions must uphold
And grant them to find men and women of virtue and character,
Of humility and strength, 
Of wisdom and experience,
And of readiness to carry out their duties
In a spirit of self-sacrificing generosity.

Lord, as this new team is created,
Enable those who lead it to keep their minds and hearts focused
On the good of the nation and those they serve,
Without being distracted by worldly concerns.

In a special way, Oh Spirit of Truth,
Guide the process by which judges will be selected
To serve on the federal courts,
Including the Supreme Court.
Give us godly men and women who will judge justly,
Always keeping their heart and mind focused
On the one who is the Judge of all.

And Lord, as all these men and women are selected,
Give us the grace to be supportive, as fellow citizens
And fellow laborers for your Kingdom.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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