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I cried for my friend's helpless baby

My best friend had an abortion and I tried to stop her. The way I became included with "the abortion" is by my friend. She is married with two beautiful children. She asked me to get her a pregnancy test.  I was very excited for her because I had a miscarriage and wanted a baby so bad. Her test came back positive. As I hugged her, she started to cry. She told me there was no way she could keep this baby because her husband would leave her. I begged her to keep it, but she walked away.

I found out two days later that she had an appointment to have an abortion. I cried for that poor helpless baby. I have a hard time telling people how I feel so I write letters to them to express my feelings. I wrote a 3 page letter trying to save her child. The day of the abortion, another friend and I prayed every hour for her to change her mind, we even called and cancelled her appointment as she would have to sit in the clinic longer and think about her choice. She had the abortion.

I know she is trying to change her appearance because of the abortion, but she can't run from the fact she killed her own baby.

I have turned to God to help me deal with my feelings. I pray that my friend and anyone else like her will do the same.

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