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There was no concern or compassion

I was 17 when I became pregnant. I wanted to have the child, but my boyfriend threatened me. I was also terrified of the reaction of my father. I was in a small town and didn’t know where to turn. I opened the phone book to Planned Parenthood as that was the only name I had heard of.

Were you given adequate information and counseling prior to the abortion(s)? 

No! Very little information was given. I asked about the development of the child and was ignored, the issue was side-stepped. I wanted alternatives and was told in many different ways that this was my only option, it was best for everyone, unless I wanted to ruin my life.

It was horrible! There was no concern or compassion. Just in and out (the doctor). I was in no way prepared for the experience.

It changed me forever. I knew immediately that I had done something horrible. It changed my attitude toward men. I became cold, untrusting, unable for years to maintain a steady relationship. I was angry at my parents for not having me feel that I could approach them.

After the abortion I started drinking. All through college I drank, experimented with drugs, and ran from the pain. I was severely bulimic (after being anorexic for about 1 year). About ten years later, I sought counseling for my eating disorders. I was on the verge of suicide, mental breakdown. It was at that time that I discovered the root was the abortion. It changed me from a happy, bubbly girl, to a depressed, angry, hurting woman. Positive changes didn’t begin to occur until I sought reconciliation with the Lord through a wonderful priest.  I pray daily that through my efforts I can save one woman the pain and suffering of abortion, one child the horrible death that mine endured. I also thank Jesus for my healing, and for the wonderful priest that took time to start the healing process.

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