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I cried and cried after he told me I had cancer

I would like to tell every woman out there who is thinking of having an abortion, the nightmare I went thru and still am. PLEASE LISTEN!

On July 11, of 1988, I was 3 months pregnant and on that day in July, I had a suction abortion. A nightmare came after that day!

I was scared and I had no one to talk to. I especially did not want to talk about this to my family. So I decided to have an abortion and when I called the clinic, the lady told me that first I'd see a counselor and she'd help me and try and talk me out of having the abortion. Was that ever a lie! She told me I was too old to have a baby. I was 38 years old. She said it was dangerous for me and I could have a baby with some disease. She told me at 3 months there is nothing there but tissue, no baby. She said, "no baby is formed yet so no baby, no brain, no pain." I'll never forget those words. She talked me into having the abortion instead of helping me and talking me out of it! "Abortions are very safe, don't worry, and here's a pill for you. The doctor wants you to be relaxed" is what she said to me. Well, I sure did get relaxed, "high," is the word for it. I didn't care about anything anymore and had the abortion. Later on, I find out there was a baby; just very little, with a heart, brain, etc. And you could even tell if the baby was a boy or a girl. 

After the abortion, my stomach went down for 3 days, but after that my stomach got big again and I never stopped bleeding. I bled for about 3 weeks and I still felt pregnant. When I called the clinic back, as I was so worried, the lady checked my records and told me, "the doctor wrote the abortion was completed and everything is fine. Don't worry," she said, "it will pass." I still was sick everyday. I was in excellent health till the abortion. I went to my doctor here in town where I live. I had the abortion out of town. My doctor said that I had a cyst in my right tube because of an 'incomplete abortion' and I also had fetal parts left inside of me which, my doctor said were growing. I was just sick. I couldn't believe this. I was admitted to the hospital as an out-patient for surgery to have the cyst removed and have another D&C. The surgery took about an hour. When I woke up - I was sure in a lot of pain. I was in pain for around 5 days after. Then in about 1 1/2 weeks later, I was home and I got up off the chair and blood and 'huge blood clots' just came running out of me. I thought I was going to die--so much blood!! I was taken to the hospital once again and treated for hemorrhage -- huge clots came out of me which were so large, the doctor cut them open to see if anything was in them. I had to stay 4 days in the hospital and the doctor said I hemorrhaged because of the second D&C, which I had to have done because of the 'incomplete abortion'. After that was all over, I still was sick, and my stomach was still big . It never went down. I had kidney infection which I was treated for. I got bad headaches and a lot of pain in my stomach. I had very high fevers and back pain. And pelvic, pain, and I even felt 'movements' in my stomach. This carried on and on and I thought it would go away. I was getting checked by my doctor, but he couldn't find anything wrong.

Well, this year in March, my doctor did find something very wrong. What my doctor found was Cervical Invasive Squamous cells--CANCER!!

I cried and cried after he told me I had cancer. It all boils down to the incomplete abortion, by having the second D&C. My cervix wasn't strong or healthy tissue any more. I had to go out of town for a "Radical Hysterectomy" and 'Rectal Polypectomy'. Was I scared! I sure prayed a lot and still do. I was in surgery for 5 hours and left the room in satisfactory condition. The cancer was invasive, which means the disease spread widely. The worst part is that the cancer was deeply infiltrating into all areas of my cervix, and metastatic squanous carcinoma did travel in my right pelvic node as well as 3 of my left pelvic nodes! The doctor also found the cancer was in 'nests' in my female system. Enough of this. It really upsets me talking about it. Well, one month after my surgery, I got ill again and had to go back to the hospital in my town. I had a 105 fever, my face color was grayish and it was hard to breathe. The doctor was worried that I had a blood clot in my lung because of the major surgery. I didn't, thank God. But I did have a bad bladder infection and was treated. Then after that I had to go for radiation treatments for one month--to try and destroy the cancer which traveled in my body. The pains after my treatments were unreal!! I had to take strong drugs for the pain. Now, I am on a '5 Year Program', which means, every 3 months I have to be seen by a doctor for 3 years. And for the remaining 2 years of my program, I'd see a doctor every 6 months. I pray to God that I make it and will be able to live free of cancer.

I am 39 years old now, and scared! Thank you for listening to me. What happened to me was because of an abortion. ABORTIONS MAY BE LEGAL, BUT THEY ARE NOT SAFE!

My health was always excellent until my abortion. And my God, look what I did to my tiny baby! Now I can't have any more children, and my baby is dead. My life is very miserable. It is hard to live knowing what I did to my baby and not being able to have anymore children. And, living with the word 'CANCER'!



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