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I don't feel right

I was 14 and just had a miscarriage and ended up pregnant again. With the reaction of my parents, I felt I couldn't face them with another pregnancy. My boyfriend and mutual friends were involved.

When I had the abortion medically everything went okay and emotionally I was determined to do it and forget about it. It was done ghastly and without much thought of any other choices. All I knew was that I couldn't face my parents pregnant.

The abortion has affected me that it made me feel awful. Not much was said after the initial blow-up from my parents. It was the silent treatment for two weeks - meant to let me know how awful I was for doing that.

Please describe what you have done to deal with the abortion(s) and whether it helped.

I took it to the Lord and received his forgiveness in faith knowing that my past is behind me and Jesus is my healer. He made me new and my baby is in heaven with him. I will see him soon some day.

The abortion had changed my life because I don't feel right. Although it was a bad experience for me, I have understandings and sympathy for girls in similar situations. I'd like to use it to help others.

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