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My Babies were Martyrs

I was 16 the first time I had an abortion. I was young, ignorant, selfish and uniformed about abortion. I was barely 18 the second time I had the abortion. This time I was hardened, materialistic and convinced my boyfriend the baby was not a life. Promiscuity was my problem and my mother's Blue/Cross Blue Shield paid for my first abortion.

Both of my abortions were "textbook". Absolutely no physical or psychological complications.

It took me a year and a half for it to "hit me". I became pregnant by my boyfriend who was the father of the second baby I aborted. We planned this pregnancy and were scheduled to be married. I was devastated by what I done twice. I knew by pictures, personal reading and searching that I had killed two babies.

I went straight to God for forgiveness. I was underinsured and couldn't afford psychological counseling. I went to the one who was always there. I told God I was sorry for everything that I have done. He forgave me immediately. I was suffering PAS and wasn't functioning emotionally at all. God took that away.

My babies I consider were martyrs. They brought me back to God, the Catholic Church, the sacraments, Jesus and Mary. It's sad to think that people innocently died for me but it took something as awful as committing abortion twice to wise me up. I then knew God allows things to happen because of free will. Of course Jesus paid an awesome price for my salvation. I now speak publicly about abortion for twelve years.

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