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The doctors and nurses have no emotion

I made my decision to have the abortion because the father was unwilling to marry me. I was afraid to raise a child by myself and hurt because I loved this person very much and he had deserted me.

I would describe the abortion as very cruel and cold. The doctors and nurses have no emotion and are there to do a good job. I decided not to have the abortion on the table and the doctor said if I didn't cooperate he would knock me out and do it at the hospital.

My abortion deeply hurt because I had taken a grandchild without even talking to my parents. My abortion has affected me greatly. I had a hard time trusting men. I became depressed and anxious, having to go on medication twice in five years.

At first I buried the abortion deep inside and then decided to go for counseling. Unfortunately, my counselor did more harm than good. I am now in a RAMAH bible study group and that is helping. I finally am dealing with all of the guilt and pain.

I have had a hard time getting close to people and I often fear that I will never be able to have children. I have been depressed and anxious but now the Lord is in my life. I am moving on and I hope to help more people understand the lifelong consequences of abortion.

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