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Very cold and cruel

I praise God for the fruitful ministry the Lord has lead you into in the post-abortion area. Our prayers to God are being answered through your heart of compassion.

May I share my testimony:

In 1973, upon entering college I became acquainted with Planned Parenthood who of course help to open the door to sexual immorality. In 1977, I became pregnant with my fiancé’s child close to graduation in June. In going to Planned Parenthood, they gave me a pregnancy test which was positive and scheduled me for an abortion. It was truly an act of despair as well as ignorance because I didn’t know who or where to turn. My fiancé went along with it and my sister, who had two previous abortions, endorsed it and went with me. Out of fear and ignorance, I went. No history was taken. It was like an assembly line. They briefed me on procedure, suction abortion taking only 15 minutes and you would only feel a slight cramping. After the procedure I fainted and they gave me smelling salts and I left. Very cold and cruel!

My second abortion was a few years later where again I went to Planned Parenthood. [They] gave me no information other than it was a form of birth control. Scheduled to go in  for suction abortion, little nicer atmosphere. I was truly in denial for approximately 10 years. I married my fiancé and the following March the depressions were so severe I tried to commit suicide (two years anniversary date of my first abortion). Needless to say, I lost my job and it took me months to somewhat recover. My marriage was distant, non-communicative. [I had] lows and various eating and shopping compulsions. Out of fear and desperation, I got involved in an adulterous affair four and one half months into my third pregnancy which revealed that my first marriage was ending. In conferring with my gynecologist who is an abortionist, she thought it best for me to have a therapeutic abortion in the state I was in, which was depression. Therefore, five months pregnant, she scheduled me for a saline abortion which I went through. Afterwards, I moved to another state. 

Having a number of psychological, emotional, and physical complications I phoned the Doctor and she said to contact a mental health center. I contacted a psychiatrist who I had seen which I was a senior in high school as I was very depressed and placed in a hospital for one month. She gave me anti-depressants and following the death of my brother, I overdosed and truly wanted to die as the depressions were so terrible that I was non-functional, as well as, having anxiety attacks and crying spells. In the emergency room they discovered my heart had a hole in it the size of a nickel and they needed to suture it up. In October, I married my second husband, who I had an affair with from my first marriage and in December went through open heart surgery to suture the hole in my heart. In February, I discovered I was pregnant and my husband and I went to the cardiologist, and he recommended an abortion. So I went for my fourth and final abortion. Needless to say, my marriage ended three months later and I was going through deep depression and manic phases. Unable to work or function at times being bed ridden.

A couple of years later, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, praise God.

The Lord [eventually] led me to a Crisis Pregnancy Center where He revealed the truth about abortion and I repented of my sins of murder as well as my sexual immorality. It has been quite painful to see the truth and angering in the lies you were told or not told. Presently, I am working full time in pro-life work, however I still battle with the guilt and condemnation of my past. I have been on social security disability for two years as I have not been able to hold on to employment. The depressions are still severe, but praise God, I got to Jesus and His Word and Prayer which is healing me.

After 20 years, 10 years of denial, and 10 years of hearing the truth, it is so good to read your books and I am praying for post-abortion healing and research.

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