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It made me weaker in my self-worth

How did you come to have the abortion(s) and who was involved?

I was 23 years old, recently out of a divorce from a rough two year marriage. I had no children and was struggling to have some stability and self-worth. I was sexually giving of myself and got pregnant. I knew I did not love the man and I didn't want to marry him and make the same mistake twice. My parents would have thought I was a complete failure, so I went to see a doctor and had the abortion.

Were you given adequate information and counseling prior to the abortion(s)?

Only a little discussion with my doctor which I can't remember and a meeting with three psychiatrists who questioned me as to why and what I would do if they refused. I said I would go to another state.

How would you describe your abortion(s)?

I remember going in and being put to sleep. I woke up so sick that I was vomiting about an hour or so after recovery. My boyfriend took me home, it was fast and clean and no side effects.

How did your abortion(s) affect you and others? 

The abortion affected my boyfriend's and I relationship. My boyfriend was angry because he wanted to marry me. The only other person that knew about the abortion was my roommate and she was good to me.

Please describe what you have done to deal with your abortion(s), and whether it helped.

To deal with the abortion I have taken it to God and asked for forgiveness. I have taken courses at the Crisis Pregnancy Center and I hope to counsel there. I've taken the PACE course in order to face my abortion and deal with it.

How do you think your abortion(s) changed your life? 

The abortion had changed me because it made me weaker in my self-worth but I believe my divorce started that. It made me cherish my children (have four) and I believe I am a better mother knowing that I gave one up so selfishly and foolishly. I am able to help young girls in the same situation using my experience.

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