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Every March, I grieve

Four months after giving birth to my first child I was pregnant again. When my 2nd child was six months old, I was expecting again. I was told that this pregnancy would jeopardize my health. My husband agreed.

I was not given counseling. I was given information about the abortion process. I was not really asked how I felt about the process.

Everyone on staff was indifferent. Very matter of fact. I was treated as if it were a routine exam. Afterwards, I was hustled out of the clinic quickly.

Every March, I grieve. Since I've learned more about what the fetus looks like in the womb, I mourn the death of my daughter. I believe the baby was a girl.

I have become more informed. Since I am more aware of how the baby develops in the womb, I have counseled others more thoroughly if they express a desire to abort. I confessed it as a sin and God forgave me.

Being able to counsel others and tell them how I felt afterwards has helped me. I fully understand why abortion is wrong. I've even written a poem that I read to others.

While I understand the trauma that victims of rape and incest go through, I think that the emphasis on abortion has become an issue of convenience and the seriousness of the decision has been de-emphasized.

Too often, individuals are not informed how developed the fetus is at the stage of their pregnancy when they are considering termination it. If they knew how developed the baby really is, some would think twice about "getting rid of" this little person.

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