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Slamming into a brick wall emotionally

Vibrant Olivia Gans, relaxing in the lounge of a Blackpool hotel, is an attractive articulate American. Beneath that bubbly exterior, however, there are six years of grief and pain.

In 1981, unmarried and unemployed, she had an abortion. It led to an emotional turmoil that caused her to rethink of her life -- and inspired a determination to help other woman in the same situation.

The 28 year old from Washington DC launched American Victims of Abortion, which has become a powerful pressure group in the States with the ear of President Reagan.

Now, she is on a week long lecture tour in Britain, which has included a fringe meeting last night at the Tory conference, organized by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Other speakers Included Lancashire MP Ken Hargreaves.

The visit comes as Liberal MP David Alton prepares to Introduce his private Member's Bill which would reduce form 28 weeks to 18 weeks the legal limit for abortion. In America, meanwhile, a study has been launched into the effects of abortions.

"Victims of abortion lose much, but the greatest loss is that of the unknown child." Says Olivia. "Efforts to tell people of the humanity of the unborn and the evil of abortion must continue unabated."

When she became pregnant. She was advised by four doctors and counselors to have it terminated.

"Nobody helped me find the strength to do what I really wanted to do, which was to have the child."

"On the day the baby would have been born, it was like slamming into a brick wall emotionally."

However, she soon found there were other women with the same problem and she rapidly began bulling up a nationwide network. Now, SPUC has launched British Victims of Abortion organization.

Says Olivia, "I want my child's life and death to make a difference for other women and couple who are faced with this situation."

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