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Lies, lies, lies

[The day of my abortion] will be forever embedded in my mind. I will tell you my story and I hope that eventually enough complaints will come in, in order to uncover the deception of this clinic. 

[When] I found out I was pregnant -- Boy was it a shock and I was terribly devastated. What would my parents think? How would I finish school? I attended James Madison University at the time. My parents pretty much pushed for an abortion because they said I would never finish school, never have enough money, and my marriage to my boyfriend would be filled with complications and difficulties. 

It was a rough pregnancy because for about 2 weeks they thought I might be miscarrying. I went to our CPC and decided that I would keep the child. Then obstacles presented to override my decision. I went to outside counselors seeking a way to keep it, but pretty much had all doors slammed in my face. My parents' insurance wouldn't cover me and I was pretty much living off of the money they gave me. 

The counselor I saw at our local hospital gave me a brochure to the clinic and that week we went to check it out. We talked with a counselor for about an hour. She told us that it would be very difficult for us to have a baby. She had three kids and the financial aspect was difficult for her. She kept playing on my fears and making me believe that it would never work. She never gave alternative choices if I wanted to keep. 

I was 10--10 1/2 weeks when the abortion was done. She told me it was just over a blob of tissue. "The doctor won't pull out an arm or leg". She told me I could wait to have it done, but it would have to be done in a hospital and that would cost $1400.00 She told me I would only be sad for 2--3 days after the procedure because my hormones needed to readjust. 

Lies, lies, lies. 

I am taking a stand and going to talk with the supposed counselor, hopefully the abortionist who is also a ob/gyn (kinda ironic) and will sidewalk counsel in hopes on saving lives not only unborn but the women too. 

My life has been hell.  I had to quit school because I suffered serious depression and had thoughts of suicide. I was numb and outside of my body and mind. Thanks to my CPC I have received post abortive counseling and am trying to regain my life. It is hard and definitely a long road. I miss my child so much and long to hold her. So I will do all I can to help others not suffer as I have.

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