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A nightmare waiting to wake up

I can say that my story and thoughts are shared by many and so may you accept this letter from all bleeding souls that have listened to the lies of our culture.

As a young poverty struck single mother, in a crime infested city neighborhood, I found myself with a child. The instant that I realized this child, I felt immense love. My child in my lap, my little one in my womb all wrapped in an essence of warmth snuggled together on the couch.

My child and I were very poor and some days had nothing or little to eat. I had just quit a job because I realized my safety was at stake. The neighborhood I worked in was full of prostitutes and their pimps and I was being watched very closely by the pimps. Because I had tried to work I was cut from welfare and my child and I had no income.

That night I told the man that I was seeing that I was pregnant. He insisted that I have an abortion. I said I would never be able to live with myself. He said he did not want to hurt his mother. He said it was only "a medical procedure". He made it clear that he would not support my children and me. I cried and left.

That weekend he drove me to the clinic. All the way, I repeated "It’s only a medical procedure; it’s perfectly legal".

The clinic was filled with women. Some quiet, some laughing and talking and I wondered what was I doing here. I was living in a daze, a nightmare waiting to wake up. One lady joked as we sat in a side room huddled together like sheep in a slaughter. She looked at me and said "Don’t worry, I’ve had this done before" and laughed at my fear.

We were explained in a short 10 minute talk what would happen and then one by one we were called from that room. My turn came, and I followed wanting to turn and run but I had no one to turn to. No one would protect me. I was alone in this world. So I followed. They opened my cervix and sucked my baby out of me. I cried out "Jesus". It was over and my baby was wrapped in a towel on the cupboard. I was wheeled to a large room to be monitored for twenty minutes. The room was filled with women. The same women but no talking, no laughing and no eye contact, the room was DEAD.

Although, I had been cut off welfare the state paid for the abortion.

We live in a country that has given women legal rights to abort their babies. This is very deceptive to us women that are in situations like I was.

I have spent many years, many hours, crying for my lost child, many hours praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament. First, I prayed for forgiveness and begged God to love me again. God did wrap me in his love and forgiveness.

Once in prayer a thought came to me, my child must forgive me or he may never make it to heaven. I prayed for my child to forgive me. While sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I saw a bright light and as it moved aside I saw other smaller lights, I heard giggling and saw them dancing. Then the large light covered them again. I knew that I had seen my child. My child is happy with the angels. I pray and ask my child to pray for me and his/her family. What happiness to know that she/he is with the angels.

I am so happy is know that you are fighting abortion and that you are trying to make it illegal. So many babies have been lost. So many babies that could have been saints, priests, popes, doctors, nurses and teachers. These little souls that could have saved the lives of many were snuffed out before birth -- before they would accomplish what they should have become. Such sadness. So many women have been destroyed. So many wept to sleep night after night. Never to trust again. Lost without hope, broken without repair, alone diseased. Not liberated, not free, not successful, the lies we have listen to. No man that talks a women into an abortion truly loves her. So here is another lie. It is all LIES. Every word of pro-abortionists, every excuse. Nothing can justify murder. Nothing can justify what I did to my baby.

I hope this letter helps. I will pray for your success, our success.

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